Winsday: Team Wins

Winsday: Team Wins

Hey FITLV Crew!

It's WINSday and I am so happy for my TEAM, I have to share their WINS! While FIT LV started out as a one man show, the business grew rapidly and I knew I needed some powerhouse support. If you are new here, let me reintroduce the girls. We have Coach Jess based out of Coronado, CA, Coach Rachel up in Astoria, OR and my awesome admin Tia'Lani Jordan here in Vegas with me! We are all busy, working mommas of toddlers and are all working to better ourselves one day at a time, right along side of you. 

For those of you who don't know, Coach Jess's husband has been deployed overseas for the past 7 months. It has been beyond inspiring watching her navigate motherhood(her kiddos are 4&6), her clients(both in person and online), as well as run her household, and keep her personal goals a priority SOLO. Not to mention she also recently completed her Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism course. This past weekend, her husband returned from his deployment, making their family whole again. We couldn't be happier for her!!! You can watch his arrival HERE

Tia, our admin announced some pretty exciting news a few weeks ago! Her and her husband TJ(who we love!) are expecting their second baby. Their little boy will be joining them in March! Congrats Tia and TJ, we love our FIT LV babies so so much!!!! Thanks for keeping us all organized and on task week to week. I can't imagine growing without you!

Coach Rachel is the super duper book smart coach of the three of us🤓. She comes up with some great organizational tools for us to implement and is always studying or doing homework. Rachel announced last week that she just applied for a Spring graduation and will be walking to receive her bachelors degree in Health Education and Health Promotion with the intent to sit for her Certified Health Education Specialist exam upon graduation. WOOOO HOOOO! Go Rachel!! We love to hear it!

My win would have to be earning my first stripe in BJJ. It has been a challenging first 2.5 months to say the least. I don't think I have gone a day without an ache or pain from day one. I've had these quotes in my head from the get-go: 

"Success is rarely convenient."

"Doing hard things builds character."

"If you don't inconvenience yourself and confront difficult things, you'll have no chance at ending up where you want to be in life." 

Every day we have choices, thousands of choices. You get better, get worse, or stay the same based on the choices you make. My only regret is not making the HARD and inconvenient choices sooner. Every inconvenient choice you make, will make you BETTER. 

As always, Thanks for being here. Peace, Love, and burpees.❤️

-Coach K

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