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What is f.i.t lv?

F.I.T is a functional training system, combining movements from traditional bodybuilding, CrossFit, TRX, kettlebell, and HIIT. Whether you have been training for years or will be stepping into the gym for the first time, the programming will meet you where you are and take you to where you want to go.

FIT LV is an all encompassing program working with you through movement, mindset, and nutrition, encouraging each client to take a look at their whole lifestyle and the habits that shape it.

And LV for Las Vegas, because even though we are worldwide, Kristi started this vision in Las Vegas.


While we won't tell you exactly what to eat, we will provide you with a macro plan. Our mission is to educate you about what macros your body needs to feel good, perform well, and achieve desired weight in time. From there, you get to plug in the foods you ENJOY eating within those parameters. Not many people are successful long term on plain, restrictive plans. We do not and will not promote quick fixes, low calorie, or restrictive diets. We want you to be able to navigate all foods you come across in life and remove guilt associated with consuming them. Eat the broccoli AND the cupcake mentality.

The great thing with a macro plan is that YOU get to be the one that chooses the foods you eat. We do not write meal plans for this very reason. While we will provide food lists and suggestions to help you reach your macro goals, at the end of the day, you are the one that gets to decide. We provide your goals for daily totals of protein, carbs, and fats, the rest is up to you!

The minimum equipment required for the Accountability Program is a set of dumbbells and mini bands. Of course, the more equipment you have access to, the more variety you will have in your workouts.

Our motto is “SCALE DON’T BAIL!” Every workout can be modified up or down to fit your current level of fitness. Each workout in the Accountability Program has scaling options to meet you at your current fitness level.

Most days begin with a main strength portion followed by accessories and a "burner."The workouts are extremely functional with core and cardio mixed in. There are scales within all workouts to modify them or make them more advanced.

As often as you want! As long as you shoot us a message in the app, we will get back to you as soon as possible. You and your coach will determine your main check in day, but otherwise reach out as soon as a question arises!

No this is not a CrossFit program. You will not see many Olympic style lifts or complex gymnastic movements in the generalized program. We do however combine the traditional compound lifts with accessories and metabolic components to provide a well rounded workout. FIT LV takes pride in offering scales for all ability levels as well as considering equipment accessibility.