Sauna & Cold Plunge
Sauna & Cold Plunge

Sauna & Cold Plunge

Regular price$110.00
10 Sessions
Sauna: Expect to come ready to sweat. A towel will be provided, as well as water refills before your 20-25 minute session.
Saunas are a great recovery tool and have been used for centuries to aid in recovery, cleansing and detoxing. There is so much science and research that supports and explains deeper. You can check out this article by Andrew Huberman to start learning more!
You have the option to have Jess guide you through the experience with a warm up breathwork series and coached breathing throughout your plunge. You can also opt to go solo with your request of music or meditation. Expect to wear your workout clothes, a bathing suit or whatever you are covered and comfy in! Want more information on WHY you want to cold plunge? Check out this video to begin your learning!


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