1:1 Postpartum Progression Program

1:1 Postpartum Progression Program

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Who is this program best suited for?

-Postpartum women who have been "cleared" for exercise (typically after the 6 week mark)

-Beginner to advanced athletes are welcome. Our goal is to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to go.  

-Has some experience working out alone

-Is prepared to check in and ask questions when they arise

-Needs accountability and support during their postpartum journey 

What's Included?

-Workouts programmed for 12 weeks with videos for each warm up and exercise, averaging 30 to 45 minutes. 

-Nutritional support or marco guidance

-Personal macros to support nursing/pumping and exercise

-Initial 30 minute discovery call to connect with your coach

-Optional weekly 15 minute coaching calls over the course of the 12 weeks

-24/7 in-app communication with coach

-Access to our online portal and member hub

-70 pages of educational resources and videos for the new mom that cover topics like mindset, breastfeeding, nutrition, injuries/symptoms, return to exercise, and more!

*BONUS- 0-6 week education and support for those early postpartum weeks*

WORKOUTS: The core principle of our postpartum progression program is progressive overload. Your workouts will start small and build over the course of 12 weeks. For the first few weeks of the program, you will have 3 programmed workouts/week with the option to add in additional movement. Over time, and as your body allows, the option to add more increases. There will be an emphasis on breath work, basic movement patterns, and inner core work. Training postpartum is more than just "moving our body." Every workout in this program is designed to help you build a strong foundation and reconnect your core and pelvic floor.  Most of our mommas have minimal equipment and train at home, but you can complete the workouts in full gym if you prefer. All workouts are accessible through the True Coach app where you will have a custom profile. Within this app, you will be able to see your programming, log workouts and weights used, leave feedback, and easily communicate with your coach throughout the week. Programming is tailored to individual needs. 

NUTRITION: The nutrition component of this program is catered to your needs. We can write you a macro plan or focus on habits and portion control. We are knowledgeable in writing macro plans for breastfeeding mommas, as well. Regardless of which nutritional route you go, our priority is that you are eating enough to support your healing body, your fitness, as well as the demands of motherhood. 

MINDSET:  Mindset runs the machine. All of us at FIT LV are mommas, just like you, and understand the changes that come with motherhood. While having good nutrition and proper training in place is important, having a healthy mindset is what's going to keep you going. Not only does this program include handfuls of tools and videos to guide you through mindset work, but we can work on this daily together in the coaching app. Postpartum is a journey back to the self and we are here to help you feel proud of yourself in this new phase of life!

COACHING/ACCOUNTABILITY: For the accountability of this program, you will log your workouts after completion each day and have the ability to leave your coach notes on how you felt it went. This will give your coach a good idea on how you are progressing and whether or not they need to address any symptoms or not. If you are following macros you will be using My Fitness Pal to log your food daily so we can review at weeks end. In addition to the in app communication, you will have a weekly 30 minute zoom call with your coach. It will be up to you to schedule your call in your coaches calendar. You will be reviewing symptoms, breathing strategies, and reviewing any questions/concerns you may have. These calls are a great time to strategize for the week ahead! You are required to cancel or reschedule your call with 24 hours notice or you will miss out on that call for the week.

COMMUNITY & SUPPORT: The F.I.T LV Facebook community is a great addition to the remote coaching program. Within this group there are 800+ other members all on a fitness journey along side of you, sharing personal WINS, struggles, recipes, sweaty post workout selfies, and everything in between. Nothing better connecting and cheering for one another across the country. Not only that, but we have a dedicated group chat with all our mommas!

*This is 12 week program that can then transition into the VIP coaching program or the general accountability program.

“Incredible change happens when you decide to take control over what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”

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