PostPartum Accountability


We are so glad you’re here. Whether you’re a first time mom or a 4th time mom, postpartum can be challenging. In order to help make things feel a little “less hard” we put together a program that will help walk you through each phase of postpartum every step of the way.

From educational pieces, to breathing drills, to a systematic approach to progressive overload as you heal, set the foundation, and build strength postpartum. We got you.

You will find guided programming that will help you set a strong foundation to support this next phase of life. The exercise piece is 12 weeks but, postpartum is forever. The programming helps break down each movement and helps you and your pelvic floor work on progressive overload with confidence. 

Intention now, intensity later. What you do now is going to serve you for the rest of your life. While you may feel in the trenches of early motherhood now,  things will progressively get easier! Always remember we are here for you and excited to be on this journey with you.


-Any postpartum mom

-Moms looking for educational support and guidance in the early weeks after birth (Weeks 0 - Week 6), so that they can move and start to heal with confidence

-Moms who have been "cleared" for exercise (typically Week 6 and on) by their provider, and needs helps rebuilding their strength and connecting the dots between their core and pelvic floor

-Moms who are looking for a program that covers all of the basis for you when it comes to nutrition, nursing/pumping, recovery, exercise, and mindset

-The mom who is prepared to check in and ask questions when they arise

-If joining a community and support system of strong like-minded is important to you

-Looks forward to checking in weekly with her coach

Work with Us


Kristi is the owner of F.I.T LV Fitness and Nutrition, wife, and momma of two boys. She enjoys Brazilian jiujitsu, weightlifting, and indoor gardening. Having been in the fitness industry for more than a decade, she has had the opportunity to impact thousands of lives. Her passion since becoming a mother is in helping women and moms alike reclaim their confidence and strength through movement and mindset coaching. Throughout her own pregnancies and postpartum, she struggled with body image and acceptance, as well as finding her confidence in the new title of “mom.” 

Your Journey Starts Now Momma
Ready To Get Started?
1:1 Coaching

If you are ready for a hands on approach and support every step of the way, we got you.

Whether you are 1 week postpartum, or several months, maybe even years, this program is for you. This program gives you everything from access to self-guided video modules to support you in the early weeks post birth to 10 weeks of progressive overload programming to rebuild strength.

Not only that, but you will have access to a coach through your entire journey. To support you on 1:1 weekly calls, ensure correct movement patterns, nutritional guidance to help you reach your goals, and mindset work to support this new phase of life.

If you don't need coaching
Self Guided

If you don't need the coaching, we have a self-guided option for you!


-Self paced video modules that walk you through our program every step of the way

-Early postpartum guidance (Week 0 - Week 6): breathwork, mobilization drills, nutrition and mindset material, & more!

-Strength training progression programming (after "clearance" from your provider)

-10 weeks of workouts that build in progressive overload, helping you rebuild your foundation from the ground up

-Downloadable .PDF for quick access to workouts or material

Note: The self-guided option is for you if you want all the good stuff, but don't feel ready to have a coach or you are confident in your postpartum healing journey.

Breast Feeding & Exercise

Learn how to confidently return to exercise without compromising your milk supply! Even if you are not nursing, nutrition is still a vital piece for recovery post birth. Helping you feel nourished and ready to take on all of the challenges motherhood has to offer is so important to our team!

Community & Support

Join a community of strong like-minded women. Postpartum is forever and you do not have to do this alone. Not only are all of our coaches at FIT LV mamas and pregnant and postpartum certified, but our community lets you connect with so many other mamas on similar journeys!

Strength & Movement

Reconnect your core and pelvic floor while building a foundation that will serve you the rest of your life. Strength training is a core part of what we do here in order to help mamas stay strong and move through life at ease while doing what they love.


This program is so much more than working out or fitness. It's about fueling yourself with nutritious foods to feel good. It's about finding strength you didn't know was possible. And it's about doing the things that make you still feel like yourself. Postpartum is a life changing event and we are here for you in more ways than one. If you are ready to be the strongest version of yourself yet mama, then let's do this. Together.


Your PP program will begin shortly after sign up. Once your payment processes you will receive the link to fill out your intake form and set up your account. You will receive access to the program portal shortly thereafter.

We can help with that! Step one set up a consult call with us and we will help you decide which option is the best fit for you! Click the link below now to chat!

Chat with Us

Our goal is to make this program work for everyone. We determine payment plans on a case by case basis, but typically YES, we can make it work!

The 1:1 coaching option is 3 months. Our self-guided option is 4 months long!