I am a busy dad, husband, and entrepreneur. I have fought through many of the struggles that come with becoming a middle-aged man. At my heaviest I weighed just under 300lbs, was drinking every weekend, and didn't have a clue what nutrition I needed to fuel my body and workouts. I was falling into a depression as a new dad and lost sight of the potential I still had inside of me. Since then I have traded my weekend binge drinking for personal development, lost 60lbs and re-discovered my abs after 40, regained confidence in every aspect of life, taken control of my nutrition with macro coaching, and rediscovered what makes me happy! If you are a husband or father and ready to level up your fitness, nutrition, and total health, and learn how to fit it all into a happy and confident life- I am your coach!

What to Expect:

👊🏽 Your daily workouts

👊🏽 Your nutrition coaching

👊🏽 Accountability

👊🏽 1:1 Coaching with me

👊🏽 Group Mindset Calls

Your Daily Workouts

"If it doesn't challenge you, it wont change you." Too often men get caught in a loop of doing "workouts I want to do", and "what I've always done" rather than what they should do. There are missing lifts, accessories and intensity lacking, and no progressive overload. Following a well thought-out program with scales to your ability level, and a coach to push you, then you can't fail. We won't let you. The program is designed to push you without injury to your peak performance and aesthetics, but you have to put in the work.

Macro Coaching

While you may feel like you eat "healthy," there are often big pieces of personal nutritional responsibility missing. Logging and tracking your food is the best way to expose imbalances and take control. After an initial 30 minute nutrition consultation, we will outline the action steps for you to dial in your nutrition. You will be provided a macro prescription which will outline your set protein, carbs, and fats to consume each day in order to achieve your desired aesthetic and performance goals.


Get ready. This is a no BS program where you will have daily and weekly tasks to complete that will be discussed during your weekly check-in. Honest communication with your coach is extremely important to your success. This is a two way street, show up for your coach and your coach will show up for you.

Time to get FIT AF

Level up your workouts no matter where you are starting. We combine traditional strength and conditioning with HIIT to get you jacked and shredded.

Improve your body composition

Whether you are looking to build, cut, or maintain, this can be achieved through macro coaching. Follow your macro plan and take on your workouts with intention!

Improve your Life

Becoming your healthiest self through fitness and nutrition will level up every other aspect of your life. Let's get it!

Ready to Win?
WHO is this program suited for?

-Men and busy dads looking to increase their workouts and be challenged in new ways.

-Wants a macro plan customized for their goals with nutritional guidance.

-Is struggling with consistency in following a program.

-Prefers 1:1 coaching and communication.

-Wants to become MORE disciplined with habits.

-Wants a no BULLSHIT approach.


Joining this program/group has been such a great decision. It's provided a great roadmap and structure for my eating habits while still allowing me to live a normal life and have the occasional beer or burger with friends. The workouts have been challenging but fun and I know I can ask for scaling options or modifications if I'm struggling in a certain area or movement. Best of all though is the Facebook group. You get to interact with other people on different versions of the same journey and have a lot of fun joking about the "Captain"(Kristi). This program has been just what I needed to get me back on the path of health and wellness!

Tim B.

It took me almost 5 years to step out of my own way and follow Kristi’s program. As her husband and a former Division 1 collegiate athlete, I wasn’t able to check my ego and let her take the reigns. The phrase “I already know how to workout”, rang through my head. The truth is, she knows her shit. When it comes to programming, nutrition, proper scaling, and an uncomfortable level of accountability, she knows her shit. I write this as I sit 56 lbs lighter, and in the same shape and physique I was when I played college football almost 20 years later. Suck it up, put in the work, follow the program, and enjoy your hard earned results.

Steve V.

Signing up with FIT LV and Coach Kristi was the best decision I’ve ever made in my fitness journey. I previously trained in my home gym and followed workout DVDs for over 10 years. I saw decent results but never got to where I wanted to be. Seven months in and I’m in the best shape of my life at 61 years old! The support and coaching on nutrition has been of tremendous benefit. Kristi’s programs, combined with her advice and experience have been the difference. I’ve noticed serious gains in areas like my abs and biceps, wow the gains are there. Kristi is the real deal and I highly recommend her and her FIT LV Team!

Vince M.




You can begin this program anytime you feel you have 24 weeks to dedicate to becoming your best self!