Elite Accountability

With Coach Kristi

Coach Kristi here!

Welcome to Elite Accountability with ME! When I first began the Accountability program, I couldn't have dreamed its growth. I am so grateful for everyone who has trusted me to guide them along their fitness and health journey from the beginning.

As the program has continued to grow, my capacity to take on new clients has shifted. I am no longer coaching the General Accountability programs as I have entrusted my amazing coaches Rachel and Jess to take them on.

I realized I wanted to be able to provide a higher level, more hands on experience for those who are truly ready to put themselves first and invest in their health.

With this higher level service it means I am able to work with LESS members but in a more personalized manner.

Thank you for considering this program and working with me!



-Individuals looking for 1:1 coaching experience with Kristi

-Ready to INVEST in becoming their best self!

-Willing and eager to learn macros and implement it into their life.

-Highly motivated and ready to get to work!

-Is ready to commit to a plan and say bye-bye to the constant yo-yoing.

16 Weeks to a better you!
Time to demolish your limiting beliefs and become unstoppable!
Work with KRisti

With this higher level program, you are going to receive a higher level of accountability, as well as a customized program created just for you. In addition to in app/text communication access with Kristi, you will have weekly 1:1 15 minute zoom check ins.

Customized approach
Nutrition Coaching

Within your Elite Coaching Program, you will have a customized macro prescription written directly by Kristi. After submitting your initial logs, you will have a 30 minute nutrition zoom call to review your logs and discuss your prescription. This is an excellent opportunity to plan out your grocery lists, trouble shoot your meal prepping, and figure out what foods you're going to be eating to fit your new macro prescription!

Tailored to you
Your Workouts

"If it does not challenge you, it will not change you." Too often people get caught in a loop of doing workouts they want to do, rather than what they should do. There are key lifts missing, accessories lacking, and no progressive overload. Following a well thought-out program with scales to your ability level, and a coach to push you, you're guaranteed to see gains. No matter your experience level or equipment accessibility, this program will be catered to you.

Improve your health!
Improve your Body Composition!
Improve your Life!

This program is so much more than just fitness. Be prepared to face your limiting beliefs and uncover your truest self and highest potential.


“Accountability. Consistency. Determination. Education. Endurance. Mindset. Stamina. These are only a FEW of the amazing things that I have learned (and continue to work on) while doing this program. I’ve tried every fitness trend and diet you can think of and In 6 months I’m back down to the body it took me 2 years to create the first time. Knowledge is power and Kristi does an incredible job of educating you on the “what” and “why” of nutrition and programming. Regardless of what you know (or don’t know) you will learn and benefit from the coaches, programs, and consistent support available at F.I.T LV Remote Coaching. “

Natalie M.

I feel super energized, I am sleeping better than I have ever slept, my acne has cleared up, and I have this mindset with food now that I realized I was lacking before. It's more of there isn't "good food" or "bad food" (IE I used to not eat rice because I thought it was a "bad food") You helped me realize food is food and it is about how you utilize it to hit your goals: IE MACROS! This whole experience has been exactly what I wanted it to be. You laid out an easy to follow plan for me and I was motivated to do the hard work. I appreciate your knowledge and expertise on everything health related. AND the facebook group has been amazing as well as your emails with advice when I was struggling! 

Christen R.

You have been the secret to my success. Never have I had a program so easy (not easy but don’t feel restricted)to fit my lifestyle.  I have never felt restricted with the macros but any other food program I felt I couldn’t have this or that I felt hungry all the time never once have I with your macros I have even tried the RP Diet it’s  but I also felt I was giving stuff up then I wanted it that much more never felt that with the macros you given me. 

I am so thankful for the coaching Kristi gave me, when I was struggling with some personal health issues, Kristi never let me quit... she modified and allowed me to still put in the work. I see changes physically but what I’m most proud of is how far I’ve come mentally. Back when I started this journey I still wasn’t in a great place, make a few meals and throw around a few weights “great!”, but I just wasn’t feeling myself... months in, and here I am sleeping 100% better(with the exception of a young kid waking me some nights), wanting to eat food to FUEL my body instead of just out of boredom, wanting to wake each day and kick ass instead of lay in bed and just exist.  This was just a 6 month journey that isn’t over yet, I can’t wait to see what another 6 months can bring with the tools I’ve learned from Kristi ❤️



Your 16 weeks will begin after you have submitted your intake forms and have your 4 days of pre-logs complete. Then your first zoom call will be scheduled to review your cutomized macro presctiption and it's time to get to work!

Yes! I do offer the movement sessions in person if you are local to the Las Vegas, Henderson area!

My goal is to make this program work for everyone. I determine payment plans on a case by case basis, but typically we can make it work!