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"I will provide you with a realistic approach to fitness and nutrition. My goal is to help you adapt a sustainable, healthy lifestyle through functional training and flexible dieting. You will be challenged to dig deep, but through those challenges, change and growth will happen."

—Kristi Vaccaro

Real members, Real stories.

KISS Keep it simple sunshine! When in doubt, remember these simple truths…

Truth 1

Change is hard. There is no doubt that changing your entire lifestyle is going to be difficult but we all start somewhere. Focus on baby steps and take things one day at a time. Remember- you are the sum of your habits.

Truth 2

You are in control.While many things may be out of your control, especially in present day- your fitness and nutritional choices remain in your control. We all have the same 24 hours in the day, it’s up to you to decide how you want to spend them.

Truth 3

Consistency is the key. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your fitness goals aren’t going to be achieved over night. You will see far better results consistently training at home 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week, than the two times per month you can fit in a two hour gym session. Commit to a routine that fits your schedule consistently. I promise it will pay off. Just remember, “How do you eat an elephant?” “One spoonful at a time.”

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Jess is such a fun, personable coach and workout partner! Love her fluidity with us to bring kids to boot camps but then also has a fabulous work ethic, push, drive and accountability when it comes to training at home or the gym. Over the past year and half she has become one of my closest friends and I love how hard she pushes me even when I laugh at her for thinking she is crazy for thinking I can do something. I can never thank her enough for that extra push she gives.

Tessa G

Accountability. Consistency. Determination. Education. Endurance. Mindset. Stamina. These are only a FEW of the amazing things that I have learned (and continue to work on) while doing this program. I’ve tried every fitness trend and diet you can think of and In 6 months I’m back down to the body it took me 2 years to create the first time. Knowledge is power and Kristi does an incredible job of educating you on the “what” and “why” of nutrition and programming. Regardless of what you know (or don’t know) you will learn and benefit from the coaches, programs, and consistent support available at F.I.T LV Remote Coaching. 


Whether Jess is training in person or remotely it’s clear she is passionate about fitness and helping others. Jess has helped me totally transform my body and aided me to become the best version on me. She listens to my goals, helps me formulate a plan, continually checks in with the plan, adjusts as needed, and provides daily motivation to keep challenging myself. She will scale the workouts/ nutrition plan to best match MY goals or any physical/mental needs at any point in my life. I can confidently say I am the happiest, healthiest, and strongest I have been in years. She has made working out and eating nutritious foods a doable lifestyle for me and I am forever grateful for her.

-Molly J

Joining this program/group has been such a great decision.  It's provided a great roadmap and structure for my eating habits while still allowing me to live a normal life and have the occasional beer or burger with friends.  The workouts have been challenging but fun and I know I can ask for scaling options or modifications if I'm struggling in a certain area or movement.  Best of all though is the Facebook group.  You get to interact with other people on different versions of the same journey and have a lot of fun joking about the "Captain"(Kristi).  This program has been just what I needed to get me back on the path of health and wellness!


I literally had no idea that my body could look like this, but more importantly that I could mentally feel like this! I feel super energized, I am sleeping better than I have ever slept, my acne has cleared up, and I have this mindset with food now that I realized I was lacking before. You laid out an easy to follow plan for me and I was motivated to do the hard work. I appreciate your knowledge and expertise on everything health related. AND the facebook group has been amazing as well as your emails with advice when I was struggling!


Working with Coach Jess on my nutrition has been amazing. She is so helpful and knowledgeable and really meets you where you are at. She was there giving encouragement and help at all times. And she truly cares about you! She 100% wants to help and to see you do your best. I am really benefiting from this relationship, and have been able to keep progressing and learning with my nutrition with her help.


After training for a few months, Kristi finally convinced me that I could not out work a bad diet. She helped me understand Macros and food tracking, recommended meal prepping and found the solutions that worked best for me in my situation. With Kristi’s help and encouragement, lost over 35 pounds. It may seem hard or impossible at first, but with determination and Kristi’s encouragement, it is possible!


Training with Jessica won’t just transform your body, it will transform many aspects of your life and psyche. I never in a million years thought I would be a person that could do any kind of meaningful weight training, lift any big weights, and I stayed far from those machines in every gym my entire life. With Jessica, she is not only incredibly knowledgable, she is also an amazing cheerleader.  Her caring is genuine, and she meets you right where you’re at and elevates you to where you didn’t know you could go. Her spirit is infectious, and you WANT to go spend your time with her. I have never felt stronger or more confident in any fitness setting than in her hands. She takes your goals to a new level!

-Jenny P

I signed up for coaching honestly not knowing what to expect, but I knew I needed some accountability. I was killing myself at Orange Theory 5x a week and not seeing the results I wanted. I decided to try this program as it was much more reasonable cost-wise, AND I'd get macro coaching too which was a win-win. I was hesitant as I'm vegan but my coaches were really supportive and assured me it wouldn't be an issue. I got specialist macros and a daily workout plan with videos and instructions. Unfortunately 1 week into the plan I herniated a disc in my neck and had to adapt, but again I was given so much support. Usually, I would have used that as an excuse to quit but with the accountability and macro coaching, I was motivated to keep going. Just as I recovered, I injured my back badly and had to take another break from intense exercise. I always felt like my coach had my back, and we adapted my plan again to work around my injury. Over the course of my coaching I managed to lose weight AND manage my diet better even with my exercise limitations, and I feel so much healthier and happier. The community is super supportive, the coaches are amazing, and I can't recommend the accountability program enough.


FIT LV has been so helpful in guiding me through my fitness journey during pregnancy. I was a regular gym goer before I was pregnant, but it all came crashing down first trimester (that morning sickness was ROUGH). Once I felt up for it, I knew that I needed accountability and wanted to stay active during my pregnancy, but had no clue what I should/shouldn't do to set myself up for postpartum success and avoid injuries. Most PTs I found didn’t have the qualifications to train pregnant clients, and I really researched to make sure I found someone that could help support me through this season. My coach has more than checked all of those boxes. From regular check-ins to answering the random questions I send over throughout the week to offering support, guidance, and modifications when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, she has been key to helping me maintain a healthy and active pregnancy. I'm now less than six weeks out from having my first baby and I've already signed up for the postpartum program because I had such a positive experience with Rachel's coaching throughout my pregnancy. Having the support of a knowledgeable and empathetic coach is 100% worth it, and I cannot thank FIT LV enough!


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Are you looking for a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition and need a little bit of accountability? Let us help!


All of the coaches at FIT LV are certified in pregnant and postpartum athleticism so they will confidently meet you in whatever chapter of life you are in. Our programs are modifiable for pregnancy and beyond.

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