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Who is this program best suited for?

-Beginner to Advanced athletes: anyone looking for a higher level of accountability

-Has some experience working out alone

-Looking to learn macros for the first time and/or prefers a more hands on approach

-Prefers a higher level of accountability in a group setting

-Is prepared to check in and ask questions when they arise

WORKOUTS: Within in this program you will receive your daily workouts with six days a week programmed. There will be an emphasis on strength training, with HITT, cardio, core, and mobility worked in. We have both a minimal equipment option of the program or a full gym version of the program if you have more equipment available. We will determine which program is the best fit for you during our initial consult. All workouts are accessible through the True Coach app where you will have a custom profile. Within this app, you will be able to see your daily programming, log workout scores and weights used, leave feedback, and easily communicate with your coach throughout the week. 

*Pregnancy modifications are available

NUTRITION: The nutrition component of this program is catered to your needs. We can write you a macro plan or focus on habits and portion control. Macronutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. All three of these macros are fundamental nutritional compounds your body needs for fuel and to function properly. A macro plan will give you exact grams of each to consume in a day to provide you with the fuel you need, while the portion control plan focuses on just that- choices and portions. Both are designed to help you feel good, tackle your workouts, and achieve your fitness or aesthetic goals. Additionally, both nutritional plans emphasis flexibility and not restricting or eliminating entire food groups. Yes! This means you can eat carbs!! In our experience, restrictive and extreme diets fail, and often don’t teach you how to navigate every day life post diet. Repairing relationships with food and learning to eat all things in moderation guilt free, is one of our goals during this program.

ACCOUNTABILITY: For the accountability of this program, you will log your workouts after completion each day and have the ability to leave your coach notes on how you felt it went. If you are following macros you will be expected to log your food daily so we can review at weeks end.

COACHING OPTIONS: Within this coaching program, you will have the option of working with Coach Jess or Coach Rachel. To learn more about them, please head here! 

VIP GROUP CHECK INS: In addition to checking in with your coach throughout the week in the TruCoach app, you will have the access to the weekly group coaching call ran by Coach Kristi. This call is ONLY available to the VIP/ELITE members. 

*If you are in need of additional support you will have access to schedule 10-15 minute check in calls with your coach during their office hours. This can be be done in ADDITION to your in-app check in or in place of. It will be up to you to schedule your call in your coaches calendar. You are required to cancel or reschedule your call with 24 hours notice or you no longer have access to your coaches calendar.

COMMUNITY & SUPPORT: The F.I.T LV Facebook community is a great addition to the remote coaching program. Within this group there is 600+ other members all on this journey along side of you, sharing personal WINS, struggles, recipes, sweaty post workout selfies, and everything in between. Nothing better connecting and cheering for one another across the country.

*There is a minimum of 6 month commitment with this program. If you are looking for a shorter commitment or to work with Coach K, the ELITE coaching has a 16 week commitment option with Coach Kristi. 

“Incredible change happens when you decide to take control over what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”

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