Self Guided Postpartum Program

Self Guided Postpartum Program

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Who is this program best suited for?

-Postpartum women who have been "cleared" for exercise (typically after the 6 week mark)

-Beginner to advanced athletes (all levels are welcome!)

-The mama who needs guidance, but wants to do things on her own terms

-Has some experience working out alone

-Needs a self-paced program with loads of resources to watch and refer back to throughout her journey

-Wants a program, but doesn't want a coach

What's Included?

-(Before you are cleared for exercise) - 6 weeks of educational content to learn more about your body, videos to guide you, and tools to help you through those early weeks!

-(After you are cleared for exercise) - Workouts programmed for 10 weeks, averaging 30 to 45 minutes. 

-A step by step break down covering everything you need to know to get you feeling stronger and recover from birth

-Breastfeeding/pumping macros guide to keep milk supply healthy while exercising

-Initial 30 minute call to connect with one of the coaches at FIT LV to make sure you get started off in the right direction

-Access to our online portal and member hub

-70 pages of educational resources and videos for the new mom that cover topics like mindset, breastfeeding, nutrition, injuries/symptoms, return to exercise, and more!

WORKOUTS: The core principle of our postpartum progression program is progressive overload. Your workouts will start small and build over the course of 10 weeks. For the first few weeks of the program, you will have 3 programmed workouts/week with the option to add in additional movement. Over time, and as your body allows, the option to add more increases. There will be an emphasis on breath work, basic movement patterns, and inner core work. Training postpartum is more than just "moving our body." Every workout in this program is designed to help you build a strong foundation and reconnect your core and pelvic floor.  Most of our mommas have minimal equipment and train at home, but you can complete the workouts in full gym if you prefer. All workouts are accessible through the online portal hub.

COMMUNITY & SUPPORT: The F.I.T LV Facebook community is a great addition to the remote coaching program. Within this group there are 800+ other members all on a fitness journey along side of you, sharing personal WINS, struggles, recipes, sweaty post workout selfies, and everything in between. Nothing better connecting and cheering for one another across the country. Not only that, but we have a dedicated group chat with all our mommas!

*This is 16 week self-guided program that can then transition into our Accountability or VIP coaching program at the end.

“Incredible change happens when you decide to take control over what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”

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