Unwilling to Compromise-FGF

Unwilling to Compromise-FGF

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FIT LV back with another #feelgoodfriday. 

Yesterday was my birthday. I decided about 6 months ago, I wanted to spend the day getting tattooed (because I clearly don’t have enough:)) This 10am appointment required a 3 hour drive leaving my parents house at 7am. I knew there would be no opportunity to workout later in the day and most likely not on Friday either. But I was UNWILLING to compromise my Thursday workout. So we got up at 4am to train at 5am to then hit the road by 7am. Is a 5am workout on my birthday the comfy choice? The common choice? Nope. But I challenge you to CHOOSE HARD and be UNWILLING to COMPROMISE on what is important to you. I am now sitting in the hotel room at 6am typing this #FGF on Friday morning because I didn’t make it happen yesterday, I am UNWILLING to compromise my commitment to you and to myself on these weekly emails. If 1 person or 1,000 people read them, I made a commitment to write two emails a week and I will not COMPROMISE.

A key piece to your success in anything is being unwilling to compromise with yourself.

You see, we all have two voices in our head. These voices talk us in and out of stuff. These voices never shut up!! These voices are those swirling thoughts that seem to bicker and fight, one ending up winning and causing the action to follow. 

I will describe them, then you can choose which resonates with you the most.

BITCH brain VS. BOSS brain


WEAK mind VS. STRONG mind

Personally I like the bitch brain and boss brain, so I will use that one in my analogies. 

The bitch brain is that voice inside your head that says, “It’s okay to skip a few reps. It’s okay to end the workout early, you did enough.”

The boss brain is the voice that says, “You want these results? DO THE WORK!! If you 1/2 ass the work, be prepared for 1/2 ass results.” 

The bitch brain will try and talk you out of stuff. Feed you excuses and lies. Make you want to compromise with yourself.

It takes time under tension and reps on reps on reps to tell that bitch brain to STFU!!! I have literally yelled out loud “SHUT UP” when my mind is trying to talk me out of something good, positive, or strong. Something I know that will make me better but may be the hard choice. 


Originally I had basically told my buddy Tim I wan't going to be able to do my programmed birthday WOD. My bitch voice had taken control. I hopped in the shower and was reflecting on the convo I had, then my boss voice jumped in with its opinion and actually called me a little bitch!! (how rude?!)

"You're really going to SKIP your birthday workout?! The FIRST workout on a new year of birth. WOOOOOWWWW Kristi, I thought you were better than that." 

I will let you guess which voice won haha. See the screenshot of our text convo with the voices clearly stated below. You can see on the time stamps the moment my brain switched. 

Set your character and don't break it. 

Winning your mind is a constant battle. The bitch voice will never completely go away. Look at it like it is keeping you on your toes. Every day you have opportunities to make easy or hard choices. Typically the easy choices will make life harder down the road, while the hard choices NOW will make life easier later.

As you go through your day and weekend, pay attention to the voices in your head.

Which one is more prevalent?

Which one wins most of the metal battles?

What situations do you have the most mental turmoil in?

Like anything you want to get better at, you've got to get your reps in. This goes for winning your mind too. Having a BOSS voice that silences the bitch inside you, takes time.

A theme I repeatedly bring up is to STACK YOUR WINS. Every time you silence the voice, you stack a win and build your mental fortitude. Start by being UNWILLING to compromise on the things you've set out to accomplish. 

WIN your mind, WIN your life.

P.S if you missed the birthday WOD, here it is in all of its glory. If you are a beginner, a good scaling option would be a 20 min AMRAP :).

As always, thanks for being here. Now go WIN the day. Happy Friday Team

Peace, Love, and Burpees.

-Coach K

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