8 Week Challenge Winner

8 Week Challenge Winner

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Coach Kristi here and we are back with another WINSday!! This week we are highlighting our 8 week challenge winner, plus sharing all of the #teamfitlv member wins from the 8 week challenge which concluded this past Saturday!!

⚡️I was admittedly nervous to host a REAL challenge… but I think it was pretty awesome!!!We had 54 people registered so choosing a winner was NOT easy. (Can’t wait to share ALL the transformations💪🏽)

The Criteria⬇️

💥 Macro compliance  

💥Habit tracker 

💥Contribution to the community 

💥Total transformation 

The winner we chose not only underwent a huge physical transformation, but her mental transformation is life changing. 

This women has experienced adversity and bullying around her weight her whole life. Even as recent as LAST week..(more on that later).  

Some of you may remember the NSV(non scale victory) I shared a few weeks back about this awesome woman and her wedding ring, not only did she continue to stack the WINS across the remaining weeks, she ended up winning the ENTIRE challenge! 

Getting people in her life to encourage and support her journey hasn’t always been easy… 

But a light has been switched and  she’s doing it for HER now.

“My biggest win over the past 8 weeks is that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone…..I am good enough! I am worth putting effort into, I am worth the time it takes to accomplish goals, and I can be proud of myself for doing it.”

When you realize you are WORTH IT and are PROUD of that, you will be unstoppable. 

Just like Heather Mendy is!!!

🎉Congrats Heather on winning the FIT LV TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE and taking home $500.00!!!! 🎊💰

One of the biggest takeaways for me coaching Heather through this 8 week challenge, was fully understanding what people who struggle with their weight go through on a sometimes daily basis even while working on their health journey. Heather has overcome a lot in her life but still battles stigmas with her weight. Her mental transformation over the past 8 weeks played a huge roll in her winning this challenge. If you haven't yet watched, please take a minute and watch the story on Heather. 

Meet Carolyn Our Runner Up!!

A note from her Coach❤️:

Carolyn has worked so hard these last 8 weeks and has overcome many obstacles to get her to where she is! If she wasn’t loading her dumbbells up into her car for road trips she was dodging bulls in her yard during workouts! Over the last 8 weeks, Carolyn has inspired me with her consistency and determination right out the gate! She even motivated me to do roadside workouts while road tripping with my daughter. Great job Carolyn, you deserve this!  

- Coach Rachel

One of the things that impressed me the most with Carolyn out the gate was her commitment to the challenge no matter where she was or what she was doing. She took the information provided and adapted it to her circumstance with a #noexcuses attitude. And clearly it paid off!! Excellent commitment Carolyn!!!

-Coach Kristi

(A few examples of her taking her program on the road!!⬇️💪🏽)


"The mental shift 🙌🏽." -Lexi S.


"My greatest win was developing a new morning routing! I am not a morning person I loveeeee to sleep in or wake up when the kids get up.

This challenge got me waking up at 5am to have coffee with my husband before he leaves for work.

6am reading 10 pages out of Think Like a Monk

7am workout

8am breakfast with the kids and conquer the day with a new mindset!!!

And now I look forward to 5am!!!!!! Thankful for this challenge!!!!" -Maggie C.

"Having the confidence to lift that heavy weight without any doubt.💪🏽⚡️" -Rachel K.

"It’s taken me far too long to learn this, but my biggest win was learning that asking for the time to take care of me isn’t selfish.

I don’t know why committing to a challenge made it more acceptable for me to ask for time or not work around others… but now I don’t even have the beginnings of guilt asking for time for myself." -Crissi G.

"My greatest win these past 8 weeks has been my new habit of meal prepping. It’s been seriously life changing!! It’s helped me stay on track and meet my macro goals.

I’ve also learned so much about myself and what I can accomplish if I change my mindset.

I stuck with my 3 added habits and made huge progress toward removing 3 habits. I’m so thankful for this program and it’s just the beginning." -April K.

"My biggest win was shifting my food intake to more protein and less sugar/junk. Counting macros was a big eye-opener for me. Now I start early to get my protein in and make sure my snacks are healthy and more balanced." -Carolyn B.

"How do you pick ONE win? I learned so many things and improved my life tremendously over the last 8 weeks. This challenge has allowed me to be intentional with the life that o want to live. My biggest overall win is a mindset shift. It does not have to be ALL or NOTHING. The day is not ruined if I miss a task, there is still time to make positive decisions!

Taking time in the mornings for me has allowed my day to open up for other things and then I don’t feel guilty. Once I get that workout in, the rest seems to fall into place. I am still focusing on mastering my morning routine. I remind myself that in order to get good at it, I have to suck at it first." -Sarah T.

"Stop all the shame, blame, doubt, perfection and shoulds and must and change how I speak to me to want to, love to, choose too, Keep going it will all work out if you keep getting up and staying the path. Give myself grace and kindness and love everyday." -Karri M.

"My biggest win has to be eating more food. I didn't realize how little I was eating before this challenge -- I was essentially starving myself with all the wrong things. I tried to eat Paleo because that's all I knew, but I was getting nowhere near enough of anything! Now I LOVE getting those carbs in, and allllll the protein!

Not a "win", but I also have to say I love your programming!!" -Danielle W. 

"Biggest win is I CAN balance shift work life, working out, mom life to two, eating healthy and still enjoying my summer without going overboard one way or another! Loved this challenge!" -Caitlin B. 

My takeaways: When I reflect back on my initial insecurities in running a challenge I know first it was because I didn't have an obsene prize to hand out at the end (yes believe it or not some big companies give out trips to hawaii or 50k 🥴 #goals #someday). And the MAIN reason I was hesitant in running an 8 week challenge was because we ARE a lifestyle company. We preach a sustainable lifestyle and I did not want to attract rapid, quick fix, clientele with a "sparkly" challenge.

What I realized though, in running such an impactful challenge, is that you can use a challenge to kickstart and light a fuse INTO the lifestyle you believe in. That is EXACTLY what myself and coaches did. For that, I am grateful and we WILL be doing this again! 

Thank you ALL for your hard work over the past 8 weeks. It has been an honor for us coaches to guide you through this challenge and beyond!


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