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We're back with another #feelgoodfriday. No matter what your goals are I hope you had a great week and feel that much closer to achieving them. I wanted to kick this weeks FGF off with a few member wins and remind you that no matter how big or how small, a WIN is a WIN. #countem

1- "I finally broke down and bought a smaller pair of jeans (size 4) because my current size 6s have been pretty loose for the past 2 months and they fit like a glove!!!! never dreamed of being a size 4 after 4 kids and at age 33!!! But I’m here for the tiny wins 🤗."

2- "I did not stress out one single time and it was the first vacation I have really experienced with being comfortable with freedom around food."

3- "I turned down a dinner at a steakhouse with a colleague because I had already planned on my workout after work. Old me would've skipped the gym for the dinner."

 4- "I opted to finish Atomic Habits on Audible while I folded laundry instead of the news. This kept me in a really focused and positive headspace the rest of the day!"

Own your wins!

The goal for this weekend is to tally your wins. As you saw above, a win doesn't have to be 20lbs down or a huge PR on a back squat. It can be as simple as choosing to listen to a book instead of turning the depressing news on. I find that we often get so wrapped up in these HUGE wins that we are chasing, that we lose sight of the little wins (front row parking spot anyone?!). When you start giving credit to the little wins throughout the day, you will notice how they snowball and roll into a BIG win. Start by winning the moment, then winning the day, then the week... you see where I am going with this!!

In addition to tallying your wins this weekend, I want you do start a "Good shit jar." I began this weekly tradition at the start of the new year. Take a mason jar or bucket and at the end of each week write one good thing down that happened. Date it, fold it up, and put it in the bucket. At the end of this year, you will have more than 50 awesome things that happened to you in 2022. You will enjoy reflecting on your wins- both big and small in January 2022. 

Here is mine:)

Recipe Drop

And finally, in case you missed it, leaving you with the most recent high protein banana chip muffin recipe. I am finding as our kids get older, it is harder and harder to let bananas get ripe around here, but when they do, we love to bake!

Have a great weekend!

As always thanks for being here,

Coach K & Coach J

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