FGF: Boot Camp with Illinois Crew

FGF: Boot Camp with Illinois Crew

Hey there!

Coach Kristi here and we are back with another #feelgoodfriday. This week I am going to recap my trip to Illinois and update you on all the haps n' craps of FIT LV!! First check out this awesome photo post bootcamp in Bloomington. I was blown away by the support over the weekend. 

 Look at this crew!!!! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to get their sweat on with me on Saturday. It is surreal that I have been working with some of you for over a decade 😧! In case you missed it, here is the workout we did:

30 min AMRAP(as many rounds as possible)

400m run/500m row/ or 2 min bike

10 Up downs or Burpees

15 Goblet Squat

20 Dumbbell row (10 each arm)

15 Sit ups or Ab reaches

10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch

This was all made possible by Eatolgy, a locally sourced meal prep company. If you haven't heard of them. Check them out here! P.S there are a few FIT LV menu items I think you would love! 

There were also plenty of samples there of my favorite supplements. In case you weren't there to snag a few. Here were the ones I shared: 

Level 1 (Best all day protein): (red velvet cake anyone?) https://1stphorm.com/products/level-1/?a_aid=kristifitlv

Level 1 Bars: https://1stphorm.com/products/level-1-bar/?a_aid=kristifitlv 

Daily Vitamin pack: https://1stphorm.com/products/micro-factor/?a_aid=kristifitlv

Pre-Workout(no itchy tingly feelings, just a good clean boost of energy!): https://1stphorm.com/collections/pre-intra-workout/products/megawatt?a_aid=kristifitlv 

And for my peeps that couldn't make it to the workout, but still came and grabbed a cup of coffee with me, my heart is full. ☕️We checked out a new small biz in Bloomington called Yoga Lab. Super cool mix of a yoga studio, coffee shop, with a community space to collab and create. Two thumbs up Yoga Lab!!! If you're local, you have got to check them out! 


Looking ahead, we have some very exciting things in the works. First for our current members, the Refer-A-Friend initiative kicking is off TODAY and running through Friday, March 25th! We know so many of you are getting incredible results, so why not reward you for spreading the good word!! We are putting together a hefty grand prize valued at over $300 to thank you for the referrals to our programs!! 

Other news:

April is a big month for my family AND for FIT LV. We will be kicking the month off by taking the boys on their first out of the country adventure, heading to Cabo for Spring Break. Our 5 year old has his heart set on catching krill 🐠🐟😳🤣 with his bare hands. I will NOT be the one to burst his bubble. 

Then a few weeks later, I will be taking off to Austin to speak at an all male event on discovering your best self through fitness and nutrition. I am PUMPED! Public speaking is something I am actively working to get better at so this is huge. FIT LV is also excited to expand our services to higher level coaching and grow the male community within. 

The next trip to Illinois to see all of your beautiful faces will be the first two weeks of July! Love popping around different local crossfit gyms in the area, getting tattoed by that guy in the pic below;), and catching up with everyone! I am sure we will plan another bootcamp in Quincy, Bloomington, or BOTH! 

In the meantime, if you have any questions on our coaching or services, we would love to extend a complimentary consultation with you. Click the link below to set yours up. PS. If you haven't checked out the new website, do me a favor and take a peek!! I took on the website designer title this past month too🤯

That's all for now. As always thanks for being here! 

-Coach K



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