FGF: 2 Year Anniversary Edition :)

FGF: 2 Year Anniversary Edition :)


“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.”

I can't believe I almost forgot the two year anniversary of FIT LV Accountability! I have never been so committed and invested in growing a program in my life, hence why I forgot! 

While I have been coaching fitness and nutrition for 12 years now, I committed to the remote side of things heavily in Spring of 2020. 

FIT LV Accountability started out as a program I created March of 2020 with ZERO clue on what it would become.

Looking back through my camera roll over the past two years I remember the moments of self doubt. I can still see the glimmers of self belief. I can still feel the anxiety, excitement, and BIG moments. 

Here are a few pivotal moments on the timeline:

The above image is one of many I had saved to my phone during March 2020. I remember feeling so helpless, like many, when things shut down. I felt momentarily out of control, confused, and desperate to see what the future would hold. These quotes I saved were me putting it out into the universe that I TRUSTED in my heart that the next chapter would be a good one, because at the end of the day, I write MY story. 
⭐️March 29th 2020 SAVED: “I trust the chapter because I know the author.” "Everything will fall into place, just be patient." "Choose to be optimistic. It feels better." to my phone.

⭐️March 31st 2020 Steve filmed a handful of videos in the wrong orientation, with horrible lighting, and no music.. but we got it done. 

⭐️April 2nd 2020 Project April Accountability was born with 8 members.

⭐️May 15th 2020 I hired @therealomarfoster for my first business photo shoot to bring professional photos to my website. This was a BIG investment in myself at the time. 

⭐️May 22nd 2020 Revamped the website for the first time. Thanks @aloysius.manalo 

⭐️Feb 2021 Started working on apparel concepts. Another investment and bet on the business. @kidsintheattic 

⭐️April 2021 Had a vision for a content back drop and @without_a_ruler brought it to life. 

⭐️May 2021 Hired Coach @trainsimplewithjess

⭐️October 2021 BIGGEST investment in myself hiring @bedroskeuilian for 90 day business ignition. This was SCARY and if you don't follow him, you should. He is a force to be reckoned with and a wealth of no BS advice.

⭐️January 2022 In person mastermind, cried a ton, purged a ton of limiting beliefs. Updated website, software, CRM.

⭐️February 2022 Hired Coach @herhealthaffair . She was a member of FIT LV Accountability, while she worked on her coaching credentials and learned by doing. 

⭐️March 2022 Hired an admin @tialaniiiii . @eatologyventures flew me out to IL for a bootcamp and to solidify partnership. 

⭐️April 2022:

-2 Coaches and an admin on the team.

-Over 740 videos have been shot by @vaccaro_sells_vegas and WOW has the quality improved. 

-Hundreds of members have been a part of team FIT LV.

-Numerous photoshoots with @therealomarfoster and many to come. 

-We are on our second website, that continues to improve.

-New offerings with VIP and ELITE 1:1 programs. 

And a whole lot of lessons learned⬇️⬇️⬇️


-My first BIG speaking event with @dadstartingover (April 22-24)

-Members Only Resource Library on the site

-2022 Apparel launch 

-Team shoot with Jess AND Rachel

-More bootcamps and collabs in Illinois! 

At the end of the day, none of this would be possible without you. I will never take it lightly that with all of the fitness professionals and coaches out there, you choose to follow, work with, and support me and my mission. For that, I am grateful, 

Thanks for being here❤️

Coach K


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