FGF 1/19 FIT LV Travel Tips

FGF 1/19 FIT LV Travel Tips


Coach K here back with another #feelgoodfriday. This week re-sharing a highly requested email:


(Currently revising this email as I pack for our Cabo couples weekend!!!)

The further we get from 2020 and #youknowwhat... People are traveling more and more. Whether it be for business, pleasure, or like my trips: a combo of both, traveling can bring up a LOT of mixed emotions.

Of course traveling is usually a lot of fun and definitely meant to be enjoyed, but it can also bring a bit of stress and anxiety, especially for those who recently committed to a lifestyle change.

Many of you reading this are #teamfitlv members, some of which are in the middle of our 8 week challenge. Others may just be embarking on a solo fitness journey and wondering how to both live life, and enjoy vacations. 

I can definitely relate to you guys who are trying to stay mindful of your fitness and nutrition goals while also navigating travel any time of year. 

And as easy as it is for some to say “Oh, it’s just one day, one trip, one week..” For others, not having a game plan can set off a downward spiral of old habits and feelings of defeat. Additionally, if traveling for work is fairly common, as it is for many of our members, turning fitness/nutrition OFF like a light switch every trip will result in a stall of progress. 

So instead let's figure out how to make small adjustments and learn to navigate travel with intentional tools rather than put it off all together. 

Here is how I stay on track, on plan, and committed to my lifestyle amidst all the travel!!


1️⃣Adapt a lifestyle that can be completed anywhere.

This is what FIT LV is all about. This lifestyle goes with you. No matter where you’re at in the world, you can:

✅Prioritize movement. So what if your hotel gym doesn’t have a squat rack, complete the dumbbell variation of the daily workout. No hotel gym? Looks like a great opportunity to go for a run or get a body weight workout in. Keeping the habit and routine of daily movement will ALWAYS trump skipping it because conditions aren’t “perfect.”

✅Log your meals and stay in control of your nutrition. I completely understand and support if you are on vacation and choose to not track while you’re gone. However, if you are traveling for business, I would encourage you to still track, as the mindset for work trips is most likely different than pleasure/vacay. ✨Either way I would encourage you to prioritize ONE ingredient foods and protein🙌🏽. 

2️⃣ Plan ahead and prepare.

Know where you’re headed, where you’re staying, the restaurants and grocery stores you will have access to. As you’re packing things to remember ⬇️

👟Workout clothes and sneakers 

🎧 Headphones or wireless speaker 

💪🏽Protein powder, protein bars, jerky. (Having easy to grab high protein snacks will help you hit your daily protein goal even when traveling.)

💧Refillable water bottle. Most airports have fill stations at their fountains. Take your empty 30+oz bottle in your carry on and fill it after security!

🥗DYK you can take food on board with you? I always pack at least one meal with me. If the flight is super early, I pack my breakfast and lately I’ve been taking a small cooler with multiple meal preps. For most business travel where I will be staying in a hotel, I will pack 5-6 meal preps in my backpack and request a microwave be brought to my hotel room. If we drive I take a ton of groceries and meals pre-prepped. 

3️⃣ If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. 

🥙Ordering out: just because it isn’t on the menu, doesn’t mean you can’t order it. You can request a simple prepared (grilled, blackened) protein, with a steamed side of veggies(no butter), with a plain carb (baked potato, rice, etc). You can then eyeball the portion using the “hand guide.” 

🏨Hotel accommodations: did you know a lot of hotels have microwaves they will bring to your room? I am 5/6 on having a microwave brought up to my room. They all come with a mini fridge now, so I request a microwave and take my meal preps.  

☕️Beverage preferences: just like the food ordering, you can customize a lot of drink orders. From coffee to margaritas, you can customize the milk, syrups, and mixers used for your favorite drinks to save major calories. 

4️⃣ Allow variation. 

This is where macros are such a handy tool. You can let your calories guide you but allow your carbs and fats to fluctuate depending on the type of cuisine you’re having amidst your travel. If you know your food choices might be a bit out of the norm, prioritize protein then total calories. Let the carbs and fats exchange. If you have never tracked your food before, downloading My Fitness Pal is a great, FREE way to start!


🧳Plan ahead and over prepare. Pack snacks and easy to grab protein options for the plane or car ride. Bring a 30+oz water bottle with you so you stay hydrated!

🧳Pre-plan some meals. Whether that be via a meal prep company, grocery delivery, or grocery shopping upon arrival. Consider staying in control of a few meals a day so you don’t feel like absolute garbage at the end of the week. 

🧳Go in with a workout game plan. Maybe that looks like body weight workouts at your parents house. Maybe you will drop into local gyms! Some may just get really intentional with total steps and staying active in general.  

No matter what you choose to do, commit to it and stay active! 

Here are some body weight WODS to get you moving if you are in need of a solid workout sans the gym! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I am sure you have all come to realize, life will not slow down and there is never a *great time to embark on a lifestyle change. Travel happens. Vacations happen.

Hopefully these tips gave you some ideas on how to plan ahead and navigate travel, all while figuring out this fitness stuff. 

Always remember, WE are here for you, rooting for you, no matter what. All of us with #teamfitlv are just a message away. 

That's all for now. As always, thanks for being here.
Peace, Love, and Burpees.
-Coach K

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