FGF: Invisible Progress is still Progress

FGF: Invisible Progress is still Progress

Hey Team FITLV!

It's Feel Good Friday and today we are talking about your resilience in pursuit of your goals.

How many times have you quit something because you weren’t motivated to keep going? You weren't motivated because you didn't SEE progress right away. You didn't want to keep working hard because the progress didn't happen as quickly as you thought it would. 

I began reading a new book a few weeks ago, "The Power of One More," by Ed Mylett. It is about exactly that- ONE MORE and how

-One more conversation

-One more meeting

-One more interview

-One more attempt

-One more workout

Can change your life. 


I want you visualize your current goal as a piñata. You swing and swing and swing and sometimes you miss, and you swing some more.. Nothing is happening.. or is it? 

"Too many people quit their business, their workouts, or their relationship before the candy comes out. Although they’re making progress, it doesn’t always show up externally.”

With a piñata you continue swinging because you know DEEP down, you're making progress. You've seen how this plays out before. Any one swing will knock the candy out. You are making invisible progress.


In the book, Ed describes this progress as "invisible progress." This is when you are moving forward but you can't directly see that you're moving forward and also where most people give up.

Take fitness goals for example. The most common occurrence I see is a client who has body composition goals but is used to tracking progress by the scale. When this client doesn't SEE progress on the scale, they want to quit. (EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE ACTUALLY MAKING A TON OF PROGRESS.) *Insert: pictures, measurements, conversations with the coach, PR's etc.)

Use the piñata reference to picture your goals moving forward. Know that below the surface, the invisible progress is happening, and with a few more whacks- the candy (PROGRESS) is going to come pouring out!!!!! 

The pursuit continues!

I am sure by now you have heard or seen plenty of quotes on DISCIPLINE>MOTIVATION. Why is this so prevalent in self development? Because we have identified motivation as a feeling. We know feelings come and go. Feelings are irrational. Feelings are unreliable. And when we rely on our "feelings" we often leave work on the table. 

You aren't going to be motivated that often and REALLY aren't going to be motivated when you're making invisible progress. Arm yourself with the knowledge that your efforts ARE producing results, even if you can't always see them. Keep showing up. Keep putting in the work. 


There will be self doubt. 

It won't be easy.

The bitch voice will be in your ear.

You will question yourself more than once.

But you're no quitter. 

Anytime I have a heart to heart conversation with a client teetering on the edge of self-defeat, I ask 

"If you quit, THEN WHAT?"

What’s the alternative if you quit?

Go back to what you were doing? 

Go back to your old habits and old ways?

Lose the progress you HAVE made?


👊🏽Trust in what you’re doing. 

👊🏽Commit to the path of bettering yourself. 

👊🏽Believe that the invisible progress you’re making is about to EXPLODE into external progress. 

👊🏽Know that you’re worth it. 

This weekend when your tempted with all the Labor Day shenanigans- drinks, food, and skipping your normal routine, the bitch voice will creep in your head and say, "You aren't making THAT much progress any ways.. look at the scale...look at...." And you remember this email and say, "F THAT!!!! I am making so much progress under the surface, I am stronger than all of this. I am worth it."


➡️ Start your day with gratitude. Begin by breathing into your body and show gratitude for waking to see another day. A gift many don't have. Identify 3 things you're grateful for today. 

I am grateful for this platform to get to share with you my weekly thoughts.

I am grateful for my extended family, who through hardships come together and show up for one another. 

I am grateful for my healthy body that allows me to put it through the ringer week after week after week. 

As always, thanks for being here. Thanks for giving me a platform to share my thoughts each week and encouraging me to do so. I appreciate YOU! 

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