FGF: We All Have Our Shit

FGF: We All Have Our Shit

Coach K here with another #feelgoodfriday which I feel like today I need to call it #bigfeelingsfriday because I am feeling a lot of bottled up BIG feelings. SO I am going to use this medium to write from my heart and let er' rip... then NOT look to see who unsubscribed after. 

Every week I have the pleasure of connecting and communicating with dozens of you, some on the phone, some via text, others in the DMs on social media. The conversations can get heavy, I see what you're going through, I hear what you're going through. One thing we all have in common is OUR SH%#. We are all going through something at ay given time, stressors, things out of our control, some bigger things than others but all of us none the less. I have to ask you a favor, stop giving into the SH$# and using the disruptors as excuses to give up on yourself!!!! 

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, to be depressed, anxious, to feel like there is more negative life happenings than positive.. but you cannot throw in the towel. All storms are temporary and they will eventually pass. One thing that will not, is YOU! You are with you until your last breath, show up for YOU! 

Your life is truly endless potential, even when it feels like the walls are collapsing in around you. You cannot give up on your healthiest, best self. 

When life feels so dark and out of your control I have to ask you to strip away everything that isn't serving you.

That bottle of wine at the end of the night that seems like it is helping you cope. It's not. 

That rabbit hole of social media or tv series that help you escape reality. It feels like a healthy distraction. It's not. 

The mindless snacking that feeds the cravings to eat away the pain. It is taking you further from where you want to be. 

Those of you battling gut issues, thyroid, or autoimmune issues, you don't have a choice but to cut the crap. Literally. Track your macros religiously, give yourself and your doctor data to review. Use the issues as your excuse to not consume gluten, dairy, alcohol, sugar, or anything processed. Your health depends on it. 

Those of you with vices: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, tv, social media, video games- you know you have an addictive personality. I DO TOO! Channel your addiction in fitness. This is all I have done. I recognized my family has a history of addicts, I recognized I had an addictive personality, so I began channeling it in fitness in my 20's. Then I realized it could keep me out of trouble and help me become my best self. Addicts are the best at commitments, it's just about being committed to the right things. 

Maybe you are just feeling the pressures of the holidays and family get togethers creeping up. You don't know how to navigate tough family relationships or you're stressed about staying "on track." JUST SAY NO. Say no to people and events that aren't serving you. I am going to remind you: this is YOUR life. You don't have to say YES to everything and everyone. If hosting a holiday is stressing you the F out, then don't!! You know what you also don't have to do? Apologize or explain yourself. 

It's easy to feel out of control when life doesn't go as planned. Acknowledge those feelings, "this is not my preference, but it is my reality and this is how I am going to respond." 

And remember what is in your control:

  • Who you spend your time with
  • How you spend your time
  • Your exercise
  • Your nutrition
  • Your hydration
  • Your attitude
  • Your sleep (for the most part)

All of our SH$# is, is just disruptors, but those disruptors are speed bumps, they will not derail you forever. Get back on the road.


When you choose to take CONTROL of your LIFE, you will no longer allow the disruptors to drive your car.  Instead of being road blocks, they will be small speed bumps that you slow down to process, then push on forward. 

Your challenge as you head into the weekend, is to stay mindful to the objections you give yourself- to hit snooze, to NOT workout, to NOT log your food, to NOT make better choices.

Be aware of your personal disruptors and choose how you RESPOND to them. 


As always, thanks for being here. If you want to chat or connect, please click the link below and fill out the form. I am here for you. Happy Friday Team

Peace, Love, and Burpees.

-Coach K

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