FitLV Travel Guide

FitLV Travel Guide

How to confidently travel without sabotaging your fitness goals!

I typed this blog on a family vacation and love passing on the words of advice. Whether you’re traveling for work or for pleasure, I understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be to try and manage your fitness/nutrition regiment while away. The most important thing I have learned over the last decade of traveling while doing this fitness thing, is that your mindset is everything. If you set yourself up with realistic expectations before heading away, you will be far less likely to wind up frustrated, overwhelmed, and feeling defeated.

Below you will find three levels of commitment to help you figure out where your head is at. Keep in mind you may be at different levels depending on the trip. There is no right or wrong, just put a bit of thought into how you’re treating each trip and commit to your choices. This will hopefully help you feel at peace and really ENJOY!

Where to stay… This really depends on your budget but your commitment level can also play a roll. I find it easier to be in control of my food and budget when staying at an Air B&B. Below you will find some pros and cons of both!

Long road trip? Tips for you too!! My number one tip for road trippers is to pack a cooler and big water bottle. To my fellow parents: prepare for yourself like you do for your kids. You would never leave the house without sippy cups, bottles, and snacks for your kids- so treat yourself the same. If you stop at a gas station, keep an eye out for high protein snacks, fresh fruit, and pre-made shakes in the cooler section.

Ahhhh airports. Everyone loves a long travel day full of flight delays and plane changes…even more reason to be prepared right? With airport food being unpredictable and frankly overpriced, I always like to pack a few things in my carry on to hold me well as a few things in my checked bag to keep me in a rhythm once I land.

Now on to the highly inquired about, alcohol consumption…if you’re 21 or older and partake in this sort of thing. Okay step one: MINDSET.. Back to the three commitment levels X drink edition. Decide where you fall.

If you are level 1 committed, go ahead and skip on by the next slide. If you are level 2 or 3, below you will find the formula to track your drinks. I do recommend tracking at least one night of drinking just so you have an idea of how many calories you are really consuming from alcohol, potentially on the reg. Alcohol consumption CAN make or break your progress.

If you are still looking to have a few drinks here and there but are looking to lighten it up a bit, the suggestions in the green column will keep you on the lower calorie side of things. The white graph is just an example of some commonly ordered beverages. You can play around with the calorie to carb or fat conversion!

Now that we’ve covered you’re travel, your stay and your play, let’s talk about movement! I used to take my training while on vacation SUPER serious. I would pack my lifting shoes, my belt, my straps, my wraps.. I just about needed an entire suitcase just for my lifting crap. This was stressful! It doesn't have to be all of that but you also don’t have to cash in your workouts for the entire time you are gone. I highly encourage a moderation approach to fitness when away. Vacation workouts can be really fun with the change of scenery.

Things to consider:

-keeping workouts shorter than usual to avoid interfering with family plans

-dropping in to a local crossfit box or gym to #supportlocal and get some recommendations from the locals!

-doing bodyweight only workouts for the week. Back to keeping it simple!

-commit to a few workouts and focus on getting your steps in the rest of the trip! 8-10k a day is awesome!

Alight guys, that’s all for now. Hopefully this gave you some food for thought and will help you set yourself up for success before you head out on your next adventure. Remember, mindset is everything. Set yourself up with realistic expectations and don’t be too hard on yourself. You only live once, enjoy yourself and always make yourself proud. As always..thanks for being here.

Peace, love, & burpees. XO- Coach K

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