WINSDAY: 8 Week Challenge Wins

WINSDAY: 8 Week Challenge Wins

Hey Team FIT LV!

Coach Kristi here and we are back with another WINSday!! This week I wanted to highlight some of  #teamfitlv members wins from our 8 week fall challenge! I can't believe we are just 1.5 weeks out from choosing our winner!  ⚡️

When it comes to WINS in a fitness challenge, the first thought that typically comes to mind is weight loss victories. While we definitely celebrate those, some of the greatest and longest lasting successes, are those that happen off the scale. 

We have been putting a lot more focus on the PROCESS versus the OUTCOME. Focusing on the FEELINGS during the process, as well as all of the non scale victories makes the journey that much more enjoyable and sustainable! 

Now I know I don't HAVE to say this but I always do anyways. Sharing other members wins is not to make you feel bad about yourself, if you aren't tallying up a lot of your own right now. I want you to consider how much more joy you could feel in your life, if you felt the same joy for others they feel when they win. Why limit yourself to only feeling joy for your own wins, when you could experience genuine happiness for others when they win. It feels really, REALLY good to feel happiness for others. 

One of my favorite non scale victories to highlight is FEELING STRONGER. Why? Because with strength comes confidence. When you dial in your workouts, you get stronger, when you get stronger, you gain confidence. When you gain confidence, every aspect of your life improves. Want to be more confident? Do your workouts!! These three members are looking STRONG AF. #proudcoachmoment 

The above wins are super special to me. Two of these ladies are pregnant and absolutely crushing it! Rolling with the ever changing energy levels that come with pregnancy, but staying consistent and prioritizing movement above all else. 

Then we have Carolyn who was our runner up in our first 8 week challenge. She actually got to meet Coach Rachel in person last weekend!! How cool is that?! We love meeting our #teamfitlv members in person any chance we can get. 

Also take note to the member WIN: "No candy, soda, or caffeine for 6 WEEKS!!! I was previously consuming all 3 daily. Losing 6lbs despite being injured with limited mobility. Found perseverance to still find ways to move, old me would have used it as an excuse to give up. Getting back into daily reading and self development - I went from reading one book in the last year to one a week."

This member has herniated THREE discs this year and instead of quitting, instead of saying "oh I cant do this challenge, I'm injured." She has focused on EVERY aspect she still CAN improve in her life. I have the utmost admiration for her. Remember, everyone is going through SOMETHING. It is up to YOU to decide whether or not that something is going to control you or motivate you. 

And of course we have some scale victories too. I want you to notice how different each of these weight graphs look. A good reminder that everyones progress looks different. Try not to compare your progress to anyone elses but your own. 

Tally YOUR wins!!

We still have almost 7 weeks left to the year. There is no reason why you can't make significant progress between now and then. You have 46 days left to implement better habits and inch closer to your goal. Everyone else is going to wait for the "new year" while YOU are going to be that much closer to achieving your goals. 

Count your wins.

Big or small. 

Count them all.

Some days can feel overwhelming.

Somedays can feel heavy.

But all days have a little win in them somewhere.

For the rest of the week I want you to find 3 little wins each day. 

Here are mine from this week:

1- Despite my own limiting beliefs, I am continuing to push forward with my personal goals

2- I got to watch my boys cross the finish line at their first 5K. WATCH HERE

3- I have stayed committed to "29 Gifts Challenge" and feel really good about it. 

Too often we get in the habit of only looking for the big wins. Only counting the big wins. The journey is MUCH more enjoyable when you acknowledge the little wins along the way, each and every day 💫


Regardless of where you are at in your journey, it's never too late to put your best foot forward. For those of you in the 8 week challenge, you may be crushing it- it may feel like it's crushing you. KEEP GOING. Every day is a new opportunity to WIN the day. 

Remember: Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

➡️Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can get your mind right first thing in the morning. (Great opportunity for your personal development reading.)

➡️Schedule your workouts IN your calendar, these should be non negotiable appointments you make with yourself.

➡️Plan and prep your meals AHEAD of time. Whether you're hiring a meal prep service or cooking for yourself, you will be much more successful with a gameplan.

➡️LOG your food. Get in the habit of logging in MyFitnessPal. This is where personal accountability for nutritional habits begin.

➡️HYDRATE! Aim to get at least 1/2 body weight in ounces of water per day. 

As always, thanks for being here! 🙌🏽❤️
Peace, love, and burpees. -Coach K

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