WINSDAY: Affirmations 08/31

WINSDAY: Affirmations 08/31

Hey FITLV Crew!

The past few weeks I have been layering in WINSday Affirmation emails but I want to take it a step further. I have had clients tell me in the past, "Affirmations don't work, they're just words," and it got me thinking. What is missing with them? I love affirmations. THEN I listened to a podcast called, "How to Live Life Without Limits. Feat. Tom McCarthy", and of course affirmations came up and what they're missing for most people. So let's break it down.

Affirmations are just words if you don't believe them.

Affirmations are just words if there is no energy involved.

Affirmations are just words until you apply emotion. 

What those three statements are saying is, you have to back up the words with emotion and get them programmed into your superconcious mind.


Superconscious mind: is a proposed aspect of the mind to accompany the conscious and subconscious and/or unconscious. It is able to acquire knowledge through non-physical or psychic mechanisms and pass that knowledge to the conscious mind.

So how do we get to a point where we FEEL and BELIEVE the words?

1- Focus on less and obsess. Choose one or two affirmations to focus on to start. 

2- SEE IT. FEEL IT. BELIEVE IT. This is a big one, when you are repeating the affirmation, close your eyes, visualize it to be true, and actually FEEL what it would feel like for it to be true. Travel to that space and experience the emotion that would come with the outcome.

3-Repetition!! Repeat step two a few times a day at first. Practice visualization and feeling first thing in the morning and before you go to bed when you are in a relaxed state. The repetition will train your superconscious mind to continue delivering this information to your conscious mind. 

** An important note in these affirmation and visualization practices: Don't do it as a chore, do it out of fun, confidence, and joy.

Another huge piece of your superconscious accepting these affirmations is getting rid of the things that are holding you back

You must let go of limiting beliefs and old baggage. 

Imagine a garden, would you plant beautiful flowers in a bed of weeds?

or build a beautiful house on a cracked foundation?


It’s not as powerful. 

You would pull the weeds first then plant the flowers.

You would fix the foundation, then build the dream house. 

You've got to treat your mind and mental space the same way. 

....and LET.IT.GO! (had to include a Frozen reference here #parentlife)


You are going to do a visualization exercise again, only this time you are getting rid of the baggage.

Picture the negative memory or experience that is holding you back DESTROY it. Visualize the memory on a piece of paper and see yourself lighting it on fire. Watch it disintegrate into black soot. See the negative thoughts on white board and erase them. If they return, erase them again and again until they're gone. Picture the memory as a DVD, take a pair of scissors and scratch and scratch and scratch until there is no way that DVD would ever play again. 

You've got to teach the mind you don't want it any more. The event, the shame, the memory- mentally shred it. Run it through again and again until it is gone.

Eventually your mind will know “Oh they don’t want me to bring this up any more!!” 

And just like the above repetition for the things in life you DO want, you have to keep doing this exercise to get rid of the bad. Tell your mind you don’t want it any more. 

Seem silly? How many times have you heard or said, "It's all mental." "It's all in your mind." IT'S TRUE!!! Life is a mind game. 


I know this may be a little woo-woo for some of you still, but I would be doing a disservice if I didn't share some of the powerful techniques that have helped shift the trajectory of my life.

Before I was confident enough to leave my abusive relationship I visualized leaving. I felt the feelings of being free and on my own and then I believed I would find a man that would treat me right, and I closed my eyes and FELT what that relationship would be like. I did this on repeat leading up to my leaving and the entire 28 hour cross country drive and I BELIEVED I deserved better. (I am still working on the deleting old baggage part.) 

Whatever it is you want to focus on, maybe letting go of an old version of yourself to create a new one. Leaving a toxic relationship for a healthier one down the road.

✅Visualize it

✅Feel it

✅Affirm it

✅Believe it

If you don’t believe it, your body rejects it, but when you FEEL it, close your eyes and FEEL IT, your body will start to OWN IT. 

Give it a shot, the cool part is- it's all taking place inside your mind. No one has to know but you. I am excited for these techniques to start working in your life too. ✨

As always, thanks for being here. 
-Coach K ❤️

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