WINSDAY: Are you winning at life?

WINSDAY: Are you winning at life?

Hey Team FITLV!

Coach Kristi here and we are back with another WINSday!! Do you ever do a quick assessment of yourself and life and ask, "Am I winning? Am I winning my day? My week? My LIFE?"  

I recently shared my journey of leaving Illinois to move to Vegas for a fresh start. I knew I was not WINNING in IL and I needed a change. What do I mean when I say winning? Well, everyone's definition of a life win may look different but I like how my business coach refers to success as covering the 4 F's: 

= Fulfillment
Often times, only a few decisions separate us from a life WIN, we just get in our way. For me, 8 years ago I could put check marks next to fitness, finances, and faith, but the family piece was missing and I was UNfulfilled. *Family doesn't necessarily have to mean children, it can be whatever your version of "family" is, spouse, partner, friends, parents, siblings, or your own kids.* I knew if I stayed in my unhappy relationship I would never feel fulfillment (and also never have kids). I had to make a change. 
"Most of us die around 22, we just aren't buried until much later.... It's okay to come back to life."
I heard this quote in a podcast, I wish I remembered who said it because it left a mark. How many people do you know that talk about their lives, bodies, athletic careers from high school or college? As if those were the golden years and it's been all downhill ever since? I have consulted with hundreds of men and women and so many of them in their mid 30's and 40's seem without hope, without gratitude, and taking no action. Certainly not winning in life. If this is you, I want to leave you with a simple message, and if this is not you, a reminder:
It's OKAY to come back to life.

You are ONE new thought away from changing your life.

You are ONE new action from changing your life. 

You are ONE new conversation away from getting the career of your dreams. 

You are ONE new investment in yourself away from self belief and action. 

And you are a new person. The separator between where you are in life and where you want to be is not that huge. 

Choose Your ONE Thing

If you are feeling unfufilled in life or like you're not WINNING, what is missing for you? 

Family? Faith? Fitness? Finances? Maybe a combination of a few. Choose one to focus on today. What is ONE thing you can do to move the needle RIGHT NOW? 

Family: Maybe this looks like hiring a therapist to help you and your spouse communicate better. Maybe this looks like walking away from an abusive relationship. Maybe this looks like self healing from childhood trauma. Or maybe this looks like intentional, undistracted time with your children. Pinpoint the missing piece in your life. 

Faith: Faith can mean a lot of things in this context. From believing in God to believing in the universe to perhaps a combination of both, have something to lean into. Practice your faith, pour into gratitude, and believe there is something out there far bigger than you with a plan. Keep your ears, eyes, and heart open and certainly trust your gut. Your faith will guide you. 

Fitness: If you aren't your healthiest self, you aren't your most fulfilled self. I will take this belief to the grave. To me having your fitness in check and being your healthiest self means a few things: you feel confident and sexy naked (who doesn't want that?), you feel confident to take your shirt off at the beach in front of others, you can easily chase your kids or dog around at the park, and you could confidently run from zombies if they were chasing you. Can you check ALL of those boxes? If something is missing, make a change. Hire that coach ;) OR LISTEN TO THAT COACH! 

Finances: I've been broke before (many times) and it sucks. I have had DOLLARS to my name and if feels terrible. Living paycheck to paycheck did not feel good. I wanted to get to the place where I only had to say no to things because I didn't want to, not because I couldn't afford to. I never wanted to have to say "let me ask my husband." Getting financially secure doesn't require a college degree (I am a dropout), it doesn't require a handout, it doesn't require coming from money. It requires removing limiting beliefs and a whole lot of hard work- with NO quit. If you aren't where you want to be in life financially, what needs to change? Do you have a vice where a lot of money goes to? (drinking, drugs, gambling, shopping for stuff?) Do you work a miserable job leaving you unfulfilled? Do you have unpaid debt dragging you down? Figure out what needs to change in your life to improve your financial situation and make that change. 

Fulfillment in life is winning in life. We all deserve to win. Today I want you to audit your life with the four F's. Even if you can check all four boxes, what F can you focus on today to make improvements? It is impossible to stay 100 in all categories all the time. Sharpen up the weakest link or ATTACK it if you are unfulfilled.

Life is too short to lose. We all deserve to WIN.

Whether you are a current member, former member, or just following along for the weekly motivation- thanks for being here. I appreciate you more than you know. Have a happy WINSday! Respond back with the "F" in your life you are ready to attack, I would love to support your journey.

-Coach K

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