Your Morning Routine-7/28

Your Morning Routine-7/28

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FIT LV back with another #feelgoodfriday. Today's mission: Build an unbreakable morning routine!!

Ever have one of those days that starts out on the wrong side of the bed and continues down a path of dishevelment ? It's like every time you hit the damn snooze button another domino fell in the wrong direction. 

Maybe you don't have a morning routine yet. You are in the habit of sleeping in until the last possible minute or WORSE, if you're a parent letting your kids wake you (ahhhhh scary hahah). Or perhaps you had every intension of waking earlier but that damn snooze button gets you every time. 

Before we talk about different morning routine considerations and tips, I am going to list some reasons WHY the morning routine is SO important. 


  • Start your day with a plan and purpose.
  • Increase Your Productivity.
  • Start your day calm and collected.
  • Start your day doing something for YOU! (mood boost)
  • Start your day with time to spare.
  • Start your day with physical and mental clarity.
  • Start your day with gratitude.
  • Prepare Yourself for the Rest of the Day. 
  • Feel in control and lower stress.
  • Develop Healthy Habits. 
  • Combat forgetfulness.
How you spend the morning will influence the rest of your day. 
While everyone's ideal morning routine may look a little different and I don't believe one way is superior to the next, I will give you some tips to implement if you don't yet have a routine!

💭First thoughts: As tempting as it is to wake yourself with aimlessly scrolling social media. Try repeating this mantra when you wake up instead: I have a precious human life and I am not going to waste it.

📝 Gratitude: Then I want you to dive into a bit of morning gratitude. This can take place anywhere in the morning routine, but it is nice to layer it right after you show thankfulness to yourself for another day. If you missed it, WINSday's newsletter covers daily gratitude a bit deeper. Show thanks for people, things, and opportunities in your life. 

📚Consume and create: When I say "consume" I do NOT mean social media or TV. I am referring to personal development/growth material. Books, audiobooks, podcasts that will make you better, challenge your mindset, encourage you to take action. "Create," journal a bit on what you just read. Any new mindsets or "food for thought" come of it? Maybe you just have a daily journal going. 

💪🏽Get physical: breath work, meditation, mobility, workout, walk, run. Choose something to wake up and invigorate your body!! 

💡TIP: Prepare your morning routine, the night before. 

  • Have a GSD list. GSD= get shit done. Have a list of 3-5 things you HAVE to do the next day. These aren't your morning routine tasks. These are to-do list items that might keep you up at night otherwise. Write them down, get organized. 
  • Lay clothes out: Whether you're working out first thing or staying in pj's until work clothes. Have your clothes laid out. This makes for a simpler morning. 
  • Food/coffee prep: Whether it is setting the coffee pot the night before, prepping overnight oats, or pre-packing the kids lunches. Having food and beverage prep knocked out takes one more thing off the list in the morning which gives you more time to focus on the shit that makes you feel good! 
  • Accountability bud: So I do this thing where I put on social media my morning plans for a workout, run, class or whatever OR I will plan a class, workout, or run WITH another person that will hold me accountable to doing the thing at the crack of dawn. Find your morning accountability buddy!  #zombiecrewfriends
  • Habit stacking: take a habit you already do. For me having a cup of coffee first thing. Wanted to add in reading, so I stacked the habit by putting the book I wanted to start reading in the chair that I was already having my coffee! 
💪🏽What does the perfect morning routine look like for you? I would love if you emailed me back with ONE thing you're going to start implementing in your morning routine!⬇️☕️

As always, thanks for being here. Now go WIN the day. Happy Friday Team

Peace, Love, and Burpees.

-Coach K

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