Meet Our Team

Kristi Vaccaro

Hey there! I am the owner of F.I.T LV Fitness and Nutrition and have been coaching for 12 years now! I am a wife, mom of two boys (3 & 5),an athlete, fitness enthusiast, and motivator. I have gone from a competitive dancer to a competitive powerlifter, to now a fitness entrepreneur trying to navigate motherhood, my businesses, and my own health! If anyone understands the stress of juggling work, parenting, and trying to stay fit, its ME! While many curveballs may get thrown at us daily, I love helping people find a way to integrate health and fitness into every day life. Finding that balance between cupcakes and broccoli ;).

If you have goals, I can help you reach them. Having been in the fitness industry for over the last decade I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clientele. From the client looking to drop a few pounds, to the young athlete, to the postpartum mom trying to figure out how to navigate her newly changed body; I can help YOU. My experience combined with my wide range of education has given me the tools to transform your life.

Favorite exercise: BURPEES!! haha but probably squat cleans or anything explosive or where I can use brute strength

Lease favorite exercise: Rowing or running

Jess Olson

Hi there! My name is Jessica Olson and I am so excited to be here! I am a military wife and a mom of two, currently stationed in San Diego. Fitness has been a passion of mine over the last decade and I can’t wait to get to know YOU, the way you like to move, what your goals are, and how I can support/encourage you to become the BEST you possible. I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, spin enthusiast and overall lover of movement. Training has been a part of my life for the past 13 years, beginning with soccer in high school. Sophomore year was when I truly fell in love with fitness and began resistance training. In 2018, shortly after the birth of my 2nd baby, I became a certified trainer. Through motherhood, being a wife, managing a household, and prioritizing my own fitness journey, my goal is to show up for you in a real honest and authentic way. I believe that when we share our joys, struggles, pain, victories and vulnerabilities we are truly connecting and that’s what I believe life is all about, human connection and love. I have seen the power of movement give access to joy, drastically improve the quality of life, support mental health and create more meaning and belonging to peoples lives. That’s what I’m here to do for you and I hope you are ready!

Favorite exercises: Spin, running and rowing... I love endurance workouts that require burpees, box jumps and step ups!

Least favorite: Bench, Gymnastic skills, and Olympic lifts... to be honest I love it all I’m just not as good at them! Working on that!!

Rachel ceallaigh

Hey guys! My name is Rachel I am a Coast Guard Veteran, Coast Guard spouse, and mother. I am currently working on my bachelors degree in Health Education and Health Promotion with the intent to sit for my Certified Health Education Specialist exam upon graduation. I grew up playing softball and volleyball competitively so I have always enjoyed exercise. It wasn’t until I join the Coast Guard that I became interested in Nutrition and how to use it to fuel my body for Olympic lifting and CrossFit. Once I became a mother I made the switch from competitive fitness to training for every day health and this is where my passion lies. I love helping people integrate health and fitness into their every day lives to become the best versions of themselves. As a mom and a student I understand that life can get hectic and I am here to help you navigate through those difficult seasons.

Favorite Exercise: Squat cleans, split jerks, and burpees!

Least Favorite Exercise: Rowing, bench, and AMRAPs

Steve Vaccaro

What's up! My name is Steve Vaccaro and I am the head of the Men's Coaching Program. I'm a husband (married to Mrs.FITLV;)) and father to two amazing boys. Kristi started the remote side of FITLV during 2020 and I never expected it to change my life as well.

Over the past three years my own health and mental growth has taken a complete 180 and I am so excited to help you too. I've been an athlete and exposed to fitness my entire life, starting from the typical team sports as a kiddo, to a 2 sport varsity letterman in high school, and a Division 1 full-scholarship athlete. After college, like many, I struggled with binge drinking, horrendous nutrition, which lead to auto immune disorders, weight gain, yo-yoing, then that good old new daddy weight X 2. Oh yeah, then mid thirties hit (I am now 40) and I started experiencing the shift in hormones that comes with aging, and most importantly the battle to correct it all. These days I have a steady routine of weight lifting, conditioning, jiujitsu, nutrition awareness through diligent macro tracking, as well as daily personal development and mental growth.

My number one goal if we work together, is to help you become the best version of yourself. Whatever that looks like for you; that's what we'll address. Want to get stronger? Lose body fat? Change your overall body composition? I want to help you make the huge gains in the beginning when it comes to fitness, food, and lifestyle, and then charge forward with the same strength and determination to continue to get .001% better every day for the rest of your life.

How do I accomplish this you ask? We'll have an initial assessment and form a high-level accountability and communication system with macro nutritional and fitness programming. If you're ready to stop bullshitting yourself and get serious, then I'm excited to have you here. Stop walking the fence and let's get to it!

Tia'lani Jordan

Hey everyone! I’m Tia & I’m the admin for FITLV :) I’m a mom to a wild toddler & a wife to a sports fanatic. I joined FITLV as a client during my pregnancy & it was a game changer. Ever since then I’ve loved to gain more knowledge with health & strength through all things FITLV. I grew up an athlete with volleyball & basketball but was not educated on the relationship with proper foods. Over the time as Kristi’s client, & now the admin staff, it has been such an amazing journey to grow & learn so much. I love assisting with creating content & working on all things fitness to help educate people on FITLV. It's more than just a program, it's a community :) Happy to be a part of this amazing team & witness people change their lives!​

Favorite Exercise: Squats, Rowing, Walking, love partner wods!

Least Favorite: Burpees & Running----LOVE/HATE relationship -__- lol