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Who is this program best suited for?

-Those looking for a 1:1 coaching experience with Coach Kristi

-Looking for a Personal Training experience remotely OR has minimal to no experience working out alone

-Prefers a lot of nutritional guidance OR has no macro experience 

-Is struggling with motivation to follow a plan without personalized communication

-Prefers 1:1 time with their coach.

This 16 week program is catered to each client. It is ideal for beginners or those who need a high level of accountability.

What is included?

-3-60 minute movement consultations over Zoom. These are structured similarly to a personal training assessment. They can be completed at home or in a gym, where ever you will be training.

-1-30 minute nutrition consultation. Here we will be discussing your nutritional habits, addressing any and all questions you have about macros and nutrition in general.  

-Weekly phone call check ins

Workouts can be programmed for in home or a traditional gym. All workouts are provided on a weekly basis through the TrueCoach app where you will have a custom profile. Within this app you will be able to track your workouts, nutrition, and easily communicate with your coach

Your workouts will be paired with macro coaching or nutritional guidance focused around habits. We will determine which nutrition route to take after the initial consultation.

Check-ins take place through a weekly report and phone call.

*Accountability and communication is extremely important for successful online coaching.


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