Demolish Your Disruptions-7/15

Demolish Your Disruptions-7/15

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FIT LV back with another #feelgoodfriday.

This weeks mission: DEMOLISH your DISRUPTORS.

I have been thinking about a conversation I had with a client awhile back, a lot lately. In talking to her about her past and why she could never stick with a program or routine, she said, “I allowed anything and everything to be a disruptor.”

A “disruptor..” A disruptor to her fitness routine, to her good habits, to a better version of herself.

Every week when I do my check-ins with clients I hear about disruptors. Sometimes they do exactly that, disrupt the routine and the goals. Other times the client comes to me STOKED, that they didn’t allow the disruptions to impact their forward momentum. 

The most common disruptions we face on the regular:

🚫Sick kiddos


🚫Cooking, cleaning, yard work

🚫Needy spouse (this one makes me LOL)

🚫Happy hours, birthday parties, holidays


What are your MASS disruptors?

I mean, if you think about it. You could probably come up with 5 disruptors a day if you really wanted to! And I am sure by now, you have figured out that life NEVER slows down for us and there will RARELY be an “optimal” time to begin your fitness journey or path to personal development. There is ALWAYS some sh%# you will have to navigate. 

The best thing you can do to push forward is to build unbreakable habits and a routine that makes you feel so damn good, you refuse to let it go. 

🙋🏻‍♀️For me personally-I know, that no matter where I am at and what equipment I have access to or not, the FIT LV Programming will allow me to get it done. I can always SCALE not BAIL. 

🙋🏻‍♀️I know that I my nutrition choices will ALWAYS be in my control. If I am headed to a kids birthday party that’s only serving cheap pizza and cake, I can plan ahead and eat before I go. I know if I am going to a restaurant, I can look at the menu ahead of time and choose to make better nutrition choices. I know with a little intention, I can think ahead, plan ahead, slow down, and stay present in my choices.

🙋🏻‍♀️I know I have access to clean water and can choose to hydrate daily. 

🙅🏻‍♀️None of the “disruptors” can disrupt any of those things. And above all else, for the things in life that happen that I cannot control, I will always be able to control my attitude. 


When you choose to take CONTROL of your LIFE, you will no longer allow the disruptors to drive your car.  Instead of being road blocks, they will be small speed bumps that you slow down to process, then push on forward. 

Your challenge as you head into the weekend, is to stay mindful to the objections you give yourself- to hit snooze, to NOT workout, to NOT log your food, to NOT make better choices.

Be aware of your personal disruptors and choose how you RESPOND to them. 

As always, thanks for being here. Now go WIN the day. Happy Friday Team

Peace, Love, and Burpees.

-Coach K


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