Everyday is a good day-FGF

Everyday is a good day-FGF

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It's Feel Good Friday and these emails are truly becoming my favorite to write. Not only do I feel in my heart that they can and do shift the trajectory of the day for some of you, they do for me too. Today's FGF is coming after TWO very special people in my life shared the EXACT same sentiment in the same week, without realizing it. I took it as a sign that it was meant to be shared. 

"Nichinichi kore kōnichi"

literally translates to "every day is a good day", or "try to spend every day meaningfully".

I know, I know, you're probably cursing me out right now saying "but this happened or that happened and today is NOT a good day!!!"  Believe me, I KNOW some of you are currently going through some really hard times. Hell, I have some close family members going through a really stormy season right now, but that doesn't make it a bad day or a bad life. 

Everyday you wake up, it is a good day. You're here to see another day after all. A friend of mine brought this equation up by saying, "I choose to breath and be present through the bad things, then step back count the hours of the thing and divide it by the denominator of good."

Was it a bad day or a bad moment? 

4 hours of shitty whatever over the course of the week/ 168 hours of the week = 97.6% great week


4 hours shitty in the day/ 24 hours = 83 % good day

"Good gets bigger and bad gets smaller when you look at it in context of a month, year, life."

The other example I wanted to share is in this story...

Shift your perspective!

When we get in our heads about how "bad a day was" or "how shitty our week was" we are really making it about ourselves. What if we shift our focus outward and focus on all the good things that happened around the shitty instance or simply the things that are going RIGHT?

Take the story above, when they were focused on how they didn't get to paraglide they only considered themselves. When they later learned how the fires were tamed and it benefited others, they were outward focused and thus- happy. 

The lesson here is not only about focusing on the good, but focusing LESS on ourselves and OUR feelings. It's not always about US! 

I have recognized in my own life, true fulfillment comes from servicing and giving to others. When I make other peoples day, I have a fantastic day. Try shifting your focus outward and bring awareness to those around you. Check in, see how you can help, and see if it shifts the trajectory of your day.


➡️ Start your day with gratitude. Begin by breathing into your body and show gratitude for waking to see another day. A gift many don't have. 

➡️ You are what you consume. Avoid social media and the news out of the gate. A self development book, affirmation cards, guided meditation can start your day in a better head space. I love pulling one of these cards each morning:

➡️ Nourish yourself! Taking care of yourself nutritionally speaking will help keep you feeling regulated. HANGRY is a real thing. 

➡️ Exercise! You already know I promote daily movement. Have you ever TRULY felt WORSE after a workout (not counting injuries)? Exercise=endorphin release. 

➡️ Hydrate! Aim to get at least 1/2 body weight in ounces of water per day. 


➡️ Shift your mind: You saw in the example above how the shift in information changed how the paragliders felt about the day. I want you to start doing the same thing for unfortunate events that happen throughout your day. Note: This takes practice. You are literally retraining your brain. Here are some examples:

  • Yesterday I was having some tech troubles with my software and the emails were not firing when new members joined my program=instant frustration. Perspective shift: Wow, I am so grateful to have this "problem", 4 new members joined my program today AND I have the software to send emails. When I first started I had no automation to even fail!


  • I got a parking ticket back in July, while I was initially annoyed, I quickly realized: there was a time in my life where a parking ticket would've thrown my bank account into the negatives. I instantly smiled and showed gratitude for my bank account which can effortlessly afford the ticket now. 

While I am well aware the above examples are LITTLE inconveniences and some of you may be going, "Really? Those are the bad things?" How many people do you know, let the "little things" ADD UP to "ruin their day?!" It's always the little things that snowball and add up.

So start with the little things. See if you can shift misfortunes into opportunities for a different perspective or a glimpse of gratitude. Some things will be harder to do this with than others, I realize. And in some cases, you may not find the "silver lining" for weeks or even years. All that I ask, is that you work towards shifting your perspective for the little things throughout the day and see how it changes your mindset, mood, and over all outlook on your life. 

As always, thanks for being here. Thanks for giving me a platform to share my thoughts each week and encouraging me to do so. I appreciate YOU! If you enjoyed this email, please send me a note back. I love connecting with you all! 

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