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Coach Kristi here and we are back with another #feelgoodfriday. This week we talking all things WEEKEND SABOTAGE!

It seems week after week, I do my client check ins and I hear the same 7 words, "My week went great until the weekend."  

I want to provide you with some food for thought as we approach another weekend plus give you some strategies to implement.

First as yourself:

I get it, we are halfway through March, spring is in the air, and hopefully motivation is on the rise.

Like you, the warmer temps with summer on the horizon gets me jazzed and makes me crave a cold seltzer with the sun on my face.

I know these spring days, bring invites, parties, and LOTS of tempting situations. With that comes, the common theme of taking weekends “off” then wondering why there is less progress than anticipated.


Let's take a look at them!

If you’re logging your macros, you might recognize this trend:


F 60-70% logged 

S/S not logged. 

Does this look familiar ⬇️

If you’re waking up on Monday and your results are stagnant like Groundhog Day, it’s probably time to audit your weekend activities. This will bring awareness to how the weekends are impacting your results.

Did you know Friday through Sunday make up 42% of your week. 42 PERCENT!!! Maybe you are just partaking in Saturday-Sunday festivities, those days alone make up 30% of your week.

Below is one of my favorite visuals ⬇️

Notice how just two "OFF" days threw off the daily average by 500 calories?! 

"I got my drink and my two step, my drink and my two step. It's on. It's on, it's on."

If you consume alcohol over the weekends, there are more factors to consider:

First, how to log your drinks. Sorry to break it to you, 100 calories per can with only 2 carbs DOESN'T ADD UP.

Check it out⬇️

Alcohol tracking hack:

To make this news less of a buzz kill I recommend creating cheat sheets for your drinks in My Fitness Pal. This will make it WAY easier to hold yourself accountable for your liquid calories. 

To note:

Understanding how alcohol consumption impacts weight fluctuations can make the scale report less jarring.

Check out the graph below for some common weight fluctuations the days following, after a night of adult beverages.

But since FIT LV promotes a flexible fit lifestyle, we know we are not going to cut off ALL “fun” completely. So how can we best set ourselves up for the weekends? 

First let's address the mindset.

Remove the "all bets are off, it's Friday" mentality. That shit was cool in college, but we have GOALS now. Approach the weekend with 90-95% on the plan, and 5-10% INTENTIONALLY planned fun.

Here's how I roll:

I keep the same or similar routine. This means:

-Bed time and wake time stays the same*unless there a late night concert or event I am attending, it may shift a few hours but no more all nighters. #kids #goals #adulting

-Meal times and meals are the same. I make sure I have enough meal preps to take me through the weekend or prep day, if I am prepping over the weekend. Just because I may have a date night dinner or family brunch, doesn't mean EVERY meal has to be on the fly. 

-Workouts happen. Since the kids are home from school on the weekends, I plan to incorporate them into my workout, have them around, or train at a different time. The key here is that I am not skipping my movement just because it is the weekend. Know your plans and work around them.

If you are trying to tighten up your weekend compliance, here are a few habits to prioritize, implement, and maintain: 

-PROTEIN: Start your day with protein. Throw a scoop of protein in your coffee to get an extra 20-25g to start your day. You can find my favorite HERE.

-MOVE: Non-negotiable movement. Saturday or Sunday workout no matter what. Even if you switch it up and do a family workout, body weight workout, shorter workout, get something in to maintain that habit. 

-PLAN AHEAD: Consider where you're eating out (if that is planned) and fill in the missing macros leading up. Ie. high protein, fresh fruits, veggies.. keep carbs and fats lower throughout the day leading up. Truly just being mindful and intentional with choices, knowing that meal out is coming.

-HYDRATE! No excuse to not get your ounces in on the weekend. Easy habit to maintain.

-STEPS: Stay mindful to get your steps in over the weekend. Hopefully weekends bring lots of great opportunities for family/friends walks, runs, or afternoon hikes. 

-PREP:Consider incorporating a mini prep Thursday so you have more meals going in to the weekend before your bulk weekend prep. 

-PEOPLE: Surround yourself with like minded, goal oriented people. If you share your time and energy with others that are working towards bettering themselves too, staying "on track" will be even easier. This is what inspired FIT LV Sunday Rundays. If you missed it, here was the latest  post from our Sunday run⬇️

A sacrifice or an investment?

Try not to get in the habit of looking at, saying "no" to events, drinks, dinners as a sacrifice, but rather as an investment. 

I believe that by throwing out the occasional "no thanks," you are not only strengthening your discipline muscle, but you are making an investment into your better, future self.

You are holding a commitment that you made to yourself.

To add some context, take a listen to this quick podcast:

At the end of the day...


Not every weekend is going to be absolutely perfect but going into them with more intention, purpose, and consideration for your goals will get you way further than flipping the “YOLO light switch.” 

If you still feel like you need further guidance on how to balance your life- whether it be as a busy parent or as someone who wants to live that fit AND fun life, we would love to get on the phone and brainstorm balance with you.

You can apply for coaching HERE⬇️

The Accountability Program was created to take some of the thinking out of this lifestyle for you. By providing your daily workout, macro prescription, and having a coach on deck to answer questions and check in with- you just have to consistently show up.

And if you need a bit more coaching and connection,  I am accepting new applications for the VIP Accountability program which includes WEEKLY calls with me. I recognize the value of the client/trainer relationship in person, so connecting over the phone/zoom is the next best thing to build the relationship and trust long distance, and to make this lifestyle really stick. 

You can learn more about all of our programs here⬇️


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As always thanks for being here! Have a great and BALANCED weekend ;)

-Coach K


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