FGF: You Can Do Hard Things!


“Fatigue will make cowards of us all.”

-Vince Lombardi

What does it mean to be a coward? 

Coward defined: a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.

What comes up for you after reading that quote and definition of what a coward is?

This famous quote was used to stress the importance of conditioning, both mental and physical, whether it is facing a battle or stepping into the gym to do a workout.

While I personally have not been gearing up for a battle, I have supported and helped prepare my husband for a 7 month deployment over the last month. I have been preparing myself mentally and physically for the demands of being a single mom. This quote has been on repeat in my head. 

Over the last month I have been building awareness around how many times a day I catch myself saying or thinking  “I am tired.” Every time those deadly 3 words pop into my mind, I realize, I am giving up responsibility and beginning to look for the easy way out. 


For me, I think I don't have enough left to do what needs to be done, or because “I am tired” it excuses me to have a poor attitude about the tasks at hand. It turns me into a coward in those moments. 

Sound familiar?

Maybe this scenario will sound more familiar: 

You do the first part of your workout and get to the Burner/ the end of the workout when things get hard and you decide to skip the last set or you cut the workout off because you are “tired,” you have done "enough." 

You half ass the workout because “fatigue is making a coward of you.” 

We are all in control of our energy and the energy we put out into the world. Put WHOLE ass energy out there. 

I get it, you're tired, it's hard- But stop focusing on the "tired" the "hard" and narrow your focus in on what you need to do to complete the task at hand.

Ironically enough, this week in the Facebook Group we have been talking about the importance of sleep.

BUT, what happens if you can’t sleep? What if you did not get enough rest to feel like the best you? How do you continue to show up in our lives when we are tired? 

Quick and hard answer - SEE ABOVE, stop thinking about how tired we are and we start focusing on the actions we need to take to finish the task at hand. 

This goes back to the "change your language" narrative Coach Kristi often refers to.

"I'll try." "I might." I'm tired." All of those sentiments are setting you up for the easy way out. You are attempting to soften the blow of backing out or not completing the task to your full capabilities. 

The importance of the language we use and tone of our thoughts is immeasurable.

Having a fit or healthy physique or a fat bank account starts with our language.

Remove “I am tired” from your vocabulary.

Instead start saying “I am enough to finish the task at hand.”

.... Imagine what you could accomplish! 

"You will never regret the work you put in. Make yourself proud.."

Even when you're going through hard times, having low energy days, or maybe, like me, solo parenting for 7 months. REMEMBER: YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. It starts in your mind. Once you master your mind, you control your language, and all things will seem possible. If you are going through a hard time or feeling ready for change, schedule a call with me. I would love to get to know you better. 

Thanks for being here,

Coach Jess

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