FGF: Change Your Mindset

FGF: Change Your Mindset


Negativity is Everywhere.

"Negativity is everywhere. You wake up, your hair looks terrible. Your partner complains you are out of coffee. ... Your co-worker whispers that Candace is sick again.. Every day we are assaulted by negativity. No wonder we can't help but dish it out as we receive it. We report the aches and pains of the day, rather than the joys."

Excerpt from “Think Like A Monk” by Jay Shetty 

We’re currently on our family vacation in Cabo and the house ran out of water on Wednesday. 
I don’t mean bottled water, I mean the house. We couldn’t flush the toilets, take showers when we got off the beach, wash the dishes. Nada. 
While some might instantly flip out, start writing negative reviews, only focus on the negative I decided to take an exercise out of the new book I’m reading. 
⭐️ For every criticism you speak or think, write down 10 good things. 
❌ 1 criticism: The water at the house is out. 
✅ 10 positives:
-We are in Mexico. The beach was perfect. We are staying in a comfortable and beautiful house. We have drinking water. We have tequila. We have a dinner res at our favorite taco spot…. Etc. etc. 
Wow, so the ONLY thing that went wrong is the house ran out of water for (8 hours). We have camped before. It’ll be okay. 
It could’ve totally spiraled into a bitch fest ONLY focusing on the negative occurrence.
I want you to consider one bad occurrence doesn’t make for a bad day. 
One bad day doesn’t make a bad week. 
One bad week doesn’t make a bad month.. and so on and so forth.


Now your homework for this weekend (and moving forward) is to write down(or think through) 10 good things for every 1 negative thought or criticism you think or speak. 

This goes for how you speak about others and YOURSELF as well. 

After getting in the habit of focusing on the 10-1 ratio you will begin to see your own weakness differently. 

Too often people focus on their mistakes or shortcomings, rather than their strengths, which will always outweigh their weaknesses. 

Stacking the positives about yourself and others is similar to stacking small wins. 

Why do we tend to only count a WIN if it is HUGE.

Imagine if you start stacking your little joys and little wins. Begin focusing on the positives about yourself and others, day after day. Imagine how much more POSITIVE everything and everyone around you would seem. I imagine your dasy would get significantly better. 

Plus the confidence in yourself after hitting every criticism with 10 compliments. BOOM💣

Give it a shot and FEEL GOOD this Friday ✨

In case you're not in our FIT LV Facebook group (pssssst you should be), I shared the above body weight workouts to save for your next road trip or vacay sans gym access. Save it for a rainy day💪🏽💪🏽

I hope today's #FGF got you thinking a bit differently, on the bright side ya know☀️. We have a lot more control over our life, happiness, and circumstance than we think. As always, thanks for being here. 

Peace, love, and burpees,

Coach K

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