FGF: A new way to track progress

FGF: A new way to track progress



It's me, Coack K with FIT LV back with another #feelgoodfriday. Happy Friday by the way, hope you are having a fantastic week! For those of you in the 8 Week Challenge, we are wrapping up week two!! You should be starting to feel some positive progress if you are staying super disciplined in your process. Now when I say progress, you might be thinking of the typical metrics: weight, pics, measurements. While those are all very important metrics to track when making changes to body composition, this morning we are going to flip the script on how we view progress and look at it through a different lens. 

A New Way To Track Progress.

Sure pictures, measurements,  bodyweight, and body fat are great metrics to track, but what if we focused on the metric of ACTION?

I see this pattern often when I am working with a new client. A few weeks go by and they’re focused on the common measurables. “Shouldn’t my weight be dropping faster?” “Why aren’t my inches down more?!” "I don' see a much of a change in my pictures." The focus is on the outcome NOT the process. 

And while I totally wish I could predict just how quickly each individual body would transform… I can’t. So instead of obsessing over those metrics, I want to dial in the ACTION. 

This is an activity I do with myself when I feel like I am not progressing towards certain goal. You can of course change the action questions to match the goal, but we will keep this line up transformation based.

If you were to pull out a calendar and reflect, how many: 

-Days you got your workout in?

-Days you got your mile a day in?

-Days you completed your macro logs? 

-Days you completed your macro logs AND hit your macros? 

-Days you got your water in?

-Days you slept 7-8 hours?

-Weeks you checked in with your coach? 

How many consecutive days did you hit 7/7 tasks?

💡Tip: we create and provide monthly accountability calendars to track this. If you’re not using it, you should!!

Follow up question if you are realizing you aren't putting in as much as you could: What do you think would happen if you stacked weeks on weeks of 7/7 days? Weeks? Months?

If you’re feeling like you *should be* further along in your process and *should have* more progress, ask yourself:

-Am I giving it my all or am I leaving some out on the table?

-Am I letting things get in the way of completing those tasks?

-Am I making excuses often or doing the thing even when it's not convenient? 

Now I can promise you, competing 7/7 tasks day after day, week after week WILL NOT BE EASY OR CONVIENENT. 

Here are some things that could get in my/your way often:

-Sick kids/kids staying home from school 

-Kids waking and disrupting sleep in the middle of the night 

-Family matters/phone calls


Everything else can be mitigated by being organized and prepared:

-House chores/cleaning/laundry


-Work tasks 

Chances are, you have more to give. Often times, we soften the blow and tell ourselves “we’ve done everything, our hormones must be FKD. Our bodies are broken.”

99% of the time, that’s simply not true. There’s plenty of ACTION left on the table. This email isn't meant to piss you off(even though there will probably be some that hit the "unsubscribe" after), it's meant to FIRE YOU UP! Remind YOU that there IS definitely more ACTION out there to go get. When there is action left, there is opportunity!! Opportunity=the results you want. 

➡️RECOGNIZE: Recognize when you’re lying to yourself and making excuses. 

➡️CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE: . When you start to say things like “I can’t” “I’m not” “I’ll try” how can you reframe this to not allow your bitch voice to take over? 

I’ll try= I will 

I have to = I get to 

I’m terrible at= I’m working to get better at 

➡️TAKE ACTION: We know action breeds motivation. Motivation breeds further action. Further action breeds results. The second the negative thought or lazy excuse pops into your head, smack that shit out and TAKE ACTION. 

“I should really go workout right now.” “I am going to go workout right now.”

➡️TAKE CONTROL: Remember who is in control of your life. YOU are. You drive the bus. What do you want in life? Go after that sh$%. Surround yourself with uplifting, motivated go-getters. Surround yourself with people who have careers, relationships, and a life that gets you fired up to do more and be more!

There will be periods where you want to give up. You will question if it’s worth it. Welcome to being a human. When you feel the Eeoyre vibes creeping in, get out your action calendar and measure that sh%$! Where can you step it up?

Measure your progress by measuring your actions, inaction stifles progress and kills personal growth.

As always, thanks for being here. Now go TAKE ACTION and WIN the day. Happy Friday Team!

Peace, Love, and Burpees.

-Coach K




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