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Coach K back with another #feelgoodfriday... which based on the response from last weeks email, will be full of some #bigfeelings too. This morning's email is going to start off personal with my BIG feelings, then I promise to pivot it into greatness and end with some BIG news! Kicking things off with a quote I keep near and dear to my heart.

Life is hard, I talk about this often. Even those who seem to have it most together, go through tough times. I know for me, I go through these cycles (I should really write them down on the calendar and see how many weeks, months, or years go in between them), but these cycles kind of relate how I am feeling about my self worth, my business success, and how I am showing up in general. 

At times I feel on top of the freaking world, untouchable, unstoppable. I am confident in my business, I don't question much of anything. Then I have these phases where I feel quite the opposite. 

I’ve been full of self doubt lately. The last few weeks, limiting beliefs pouring through my brain like Niagara Falls. 

I’ve been comparing myself to every fitness and wellness coach out there. 

I have been comparing my social media engagement, my programs, my EVERYTHING. 

I’ve been doubting whether or not I still have IT. 

I have been feeling frustrated, sad, mad, confused.

BUT HERE IS WHAT I KNOW (because this is a cycle):

I feel this happen every time before I have a BIG breakthrough. 

I'm back in the FEAR ZONE....

I believe we all toggle in and out of these zones when we are focused on growth and self development. The key is recognizing the signs and not staying in certain zones too long. I have been feeling ALL my fear zone feelings these last few weeks and am transitioning into the learning zone. This means expansion, business changes, and continuing education. This ACTION will breed motivation. Motivation + Action = results and growth. See how this works? 

How can recognizing your fear and self doubt work in your favor? 

I challenge you to look at the above chart and assess your current state. What "zone" are you currently in? Is it the optimal zone for where you want to be in life? Maybe you, like me are in the fear zone and are on the verge of a breakthrough.

The key is not getting stuck!

  1. Recognize: First recognize when you're lacking confidence, making excuses, or being impacted by others opinions. 
  2. Take action: Then take action! The fear zone is no place to hang out. What can you do to get out of your comfort zone? How can you turn your problems into opportunities for growth? What is in your control that will make you better? 
  3. New Goals: Now that you've taken action, it's time to refocus your goals. The action steps you're taking towards these new goals is exciting and will overshadow the fear based emotions.
How this has played out in my own life over the past few weeks⬇️

1. Recognize: I recognized these BIG feelings start to creep in almost instantly. I shared them with a few friends that know me and the patterns. It helped a little but I really knew I needed to find the problem, solution, and next steps. 

2. Take (IMPERFECT) action: While I won't go into all the boring details of my problems and solutions, I will share how I took action. I said YES to opportunties which would've scared me before. I said yes with 12 hours notice to open up at a women's event in Vegas. I said YES to interviewing a new coach(even though I wasn't sure I had all the opportunities she wanted off the bat) and I said YES to hiring her!! 

3. New Goals: Now that I have taken action, I can refocus my goals. The mini speaking event opened up the door for a bigger speaking event, as well as introduced me to some incredible women in the community doing BIG things. Hiring our new coach just elevated our coaching staff and brought a fresh set of eyes to the systems. We are already implementing updates and upgrades for FIT LV 2023!! 

While of course there will always be waves of self doubt, limiting beliefs, and random negative self talk- being able to recognize the ZONE you're in is extremely important for consistent self growth.

  • Decide where you are right now and where you want to go.
  • What action steps are going to move the momentum forward for you?
  • What new ideas and goals come to mind as you are taking action?
  • How will you plan to spend more time in the learning and growth zone versus the comfort and fear zone?
  • Who can accompany you on this journey? Trusted peers, spouses/sig other, coaches are really helpful. 

🔥Keep showing up. 

🔥Keep surrounding yourself with motivated and uplifting people. 

🔥Keep your eyes on your own paper.

🔥Get out of your head and into your life.

🔥Never stop growing and challenging yourself/

As always, thanks for being here. Now go WIN the day. Happy Friday Team!

Peace, Love, and Burpees.

-Coach K


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