FGF: Is It Ever a Good Time?

FGF: Is It Ever a Good Time?
Hey Team FITLV!!

FIT LV back with another #feelgoodfriday. We are going to keep it short and sweet this week- talking about TIME!! Which I don't want to take up too much of yours on this beautiful Friday. 

Time is a topic that get's brought up often and unfortunately I hear this often: 

Now is not a good time...

….To commit to a fitness program 

….To work with a macro coach 

….To continue personal training

….To prioritize myself

There's always something...

"I don't have the time to workout.."

"I have a lot going on in the weeks ahead, I would rather wait until things slow down.."

I’ll start up after...

…This project at work is finished 

….My kids baseball season is over

….The holidays are over 

….We get back from our busy travels  

Does this sound like you?

To think life will slow down in a way that is optimal to commit to a lifestyle change is not realistic. 

If your default reaction is to hide in your cave when you feel overwhelmed, I want you to emerge and face it this time. Grab ahold of your goals, don’t let ‘em go this time. Instead, buckle up, figure out what you can change, add, or implement TODAY that will have you heading in a healthier direction.

What you eliminate matters!

Why do people resort to cutting fitness and the prioritization of nutrition when they feel busy, overwhelm, or anxiety? Every year I have a few clients that go off the rails when they get busy. I picture a and old VHS player spitting out the tape then starting to steam. It's like the whole system shuts down. I want to say BREATHE!!! WE GOT THIS! 


Yes! You’ve got a lot on your plate, so let’s figure out how to navigate them instead of avoiding the healthy thing.  

⭐️Let’s figure out how to integrate fitness on the road. 

⭐️Let’s figure out how to make better choices at restaurants and while traveling. 

⭐️Let's figure out how to make better use of your time throughout the day. Prepping and planning is the ultimate investment of time. 

⭐️Let's figure out how to control your mindset so you FEEL less overwhelmed. 


I know it feels like stopping everything extra is going to help you gain some control, but what you eliminate matters!

Things to ACTUALLY eliminate:

  • TV (that Netflix series isn't going to get you closer to your goals)
  • Scrolling social media
  • PEOPLE that don’t serve you
  • Alcohol
  • Fast food

There are so many other things you can eliminate that are working AGAINST you, before you eliminate the things you NEED!!! 




If you're traveling, easy swaps⬇️:

✅Trade out your usual road trip or plane snacks for high protein options.

✅Pack your 30+oz water bottle to fill at the airport or gas station.

✅Pack ready made meal preps in mini cooler and carry on as your "personal item" or pack in the car. Whether you're in an airbnb or hotel, there will be mini fridge and microwave accommodations 99% of the time.

✅You are ALWAYS in control of what you put into your mouth. My recommendation if you know you will be eating out over your travels, look at the menu ahead of time. If there isn't nutritional info posted, what can you order that is going to work towards your goals and not against them. 

✅Walk when you can. Take the stairs over the elevator, leave earlier and elect to walk when you can.

If you're going to parties and events, easy swaps⬇️:

✅Eat high protein meals and snacks with an abundance of fruits and veggies leading up the the events. Often times parties will have processed or fried appetizers, alcohol, pizza, chips, cake, all the addictive foods that are easy to overdo. If you front load your nutrients for the day, you will be less likely to over do the other stuff.

✅Just say NO! You don't have to drink alcohol at events and parties. Plenty of people don't drink for personal or religious reasons. Eliminating alcohol at some or all events could be an easy way to save a ton of empty calories in the week depending on how many you go to. 

✅Give yourself a bedtime. One of the highly overlooked piece of successful weight loss, body recomposition, or a lifestyle change in general is SLEEP! Prioritizing 7-9 hours of sleep is a literal game changer for your success. Be selfish with your sleep. If you go to a party, set a firm boundary for when you will be leaving to ensure you get home and get rest. 

If you're busier than usual, simple implementations⬇️:

✅Utilize meal prep companies. If you don't have time to meal prep and you're spending money to eat out, why not reallocate those funds to a meal prep company that will provide your meals for you and they will work towards your goals, not against them? 

✅Snacks on deck! You are probably sick of me saying this, keep high protein snacks on deck. Nutrition is where most people struggle the most. Missed meals during the day leading to over eating at night or on the weekends. Protein will keep you fuller, more satisfied, and once again work for you, not against you. Protein bars, jerky sticks, turkey slices, protein shakes, combined with some fresh fruit or veggie sticks- way more optimal snacks than a 100 calorie bag of processed that's going to have you rummaging for more 15 minutes later. 

✅HYDRATE! Another thing we are constantly preaching. Getting enough water each day is going to benefit your energy, skin, mood, bloat, prevent headaches. Aim to get 1/2 body weight in ounces + and additional 16oz on workout days. 

✅What is in your cup? Coffee, tea, soda, energy drink, "fruit" smoothie.. I can't tell you how many clients had no idea their favorite beverage packed 200+ calories and 50g+ of sugar. Begin building awareness on your habits and daily choices. You may be consuming a ton of calories from sugar without realizing it. What could you swap it out for that would be an instant step in the right direction per your goals? 

✅Take a walk. Huh? Take a walk!! 1, 20 minute walk a day, how far can you get? Probably a mile or so. "Well Kristi, what is a 20 minute walk going to do for me?" A ton!! It is going to lay the foundation of carving 20 minutes out for your physical health every day. It is going to show you that you do have time to exercise. It is going to refresh your mindset if you've been staring at a screen all day.  A simple act of walking for 20 straight intentional minutes. Surely as task nearly everyone reading this can tackle.  

⏰ To Take Action!

Notice I didn't say anything about meal prepping for hours or adding in a strenuous workout plan? Every person reading this can implement one or many of the suggestions above immediately. 

We get so far ahead of ourselves living in the word of "I can't because.." 

  • TIME

I am giving you steps to take that I have seen change lives. Take them, use them.

These weekly emails are coming from 12 years of experience both doing the thing myself, but helping thousands of others do the thing too. Don't just read this and go, oh yeah that's nice. TAKE ACTION! IMPLEMENT!! SEE FOR YOURSELF!! 

It's not a matter of IF you can be successful, it is a matter of WHEN you are going to get our of your own way. 


Always remember, WE are here for you, rooting for you, no matter what. All of us with #teamfitlv are just a message away


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