FGF: Supported & Supportive

FGF: Supported & Supportive

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FIT LV back with another #feelgoodfriday. No matter what your goals are I hope you had a great week and feel that much closer to achieving them. 

Many of you reading this are on a fitness journey of your own, a lot of you are working with us FIT LV coaches, and some of you wrapping up week 1 of our 8 week challenge. This week I want to talk to you about the support systems in your life.

By definition, "A support system is made up of individual people who provide support, respect, and care. These are people who are in your corner. They do not judge you or ridicule you."

Support System ✨

Now, I want you do do a quick exercise with me. Think about the 5 people you spend the most time with. Could be best friends, parents, spouse, co-workers. Ask yourself these questions:

✅Do they know about your current lifestyle goals?

✅Are they currently working towards any goals or do they already live the lifestyle you are working towards?

✅In the past, have they encouraged your goals or discredited them?

✅Do you feel excited to talk to them about your goals or embarrassed?

Once you internally go through these questions for each of the five people you spend the most time with, you will have a pretty good idea on how supportive your circle is. 


While in a perfect world, everyone in our lives would immediately be on board and supportive of our goals, unfortunately working towards a big goal can bring out a LOT of insecurities in others. These insecurities rear their ugly heads in the form of:

🚫Jokes or heckling

🚫Attempted sabotage, for instance bringing desserts and treats to your desk at work, bringing you a bottle of wine when they know you're trying not to drink, ordering a pizza at home while you're doing your best to eat meal preps

🚫Naysaying or bringing up past instances where you didn't follow through, putting doubt into your head.

🚫Gossiping to others in your circle about you and your goals. 

I have seen all of these things happen to members and all of them have happened to me personally. It can be hurtful and it can be harmful to your process, if you let it.

Instead, look at all of these attempts as opportunities to strengthen your discipline muscle and prove your resilience to yourself and others. It is also a great opportunity to audit those you let into your life. 

While I realize you can't just remove everyone from your life that isn't supportive, you can decide how much of your life you want to share. I also encourage the following conversations with those in your direct household:

✅Have you expressed what your program/goals means to you?

✅Are they aware of your short and long term goals?

✅Have you shared with them how they can show you love and support along the way? 

✅Have you explained what sorts of actions/words are triggering and counterproductive to your process?

Self Reflect✨

While we are in the process of auditing how supportive those around you are, this is also a good time for self reflection. How supportive are YOU of those in your life? 

Are there any areas or ways you can improve? I always like to self reflect when I am potentially looking for more from those around me to see where I can step up to the plate. 

In closing, while I am a huge believer in taking personal responsibility for yourself and feelings, I am also a HUGE fan of open communication.

Whether or not your friends, family, significant others are on the same lifestyle journey as you, by communicating your needs and feelings with them, hopefully they will be helpful and encouraging along the way. 

It is always ideal for the people in your life to be a help to your success in this journey, since they are along for the ride, rather than a hinderance.

Always remember, WE are here for you, rooting for you, no matter what. All of us with #teamfitlv are just a message away. 

Speaking of support systems, if you aren't in our Facebook Group yet, JOIN US!!! It is the most encouraging group I've ever known!!

That's all for now. As always, thanks for being here.

Peace, Love, and Burpees.

-Coach K

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