Winsday: Choose Your One Thing

Winsday: Choose Your One Thing

Hey FITLV Crew!!

Coach Kristi here and we are back with another WINSday!! Lately in my check in calls I have been focused on finding that ONE thing. That ONE thing to have the person focus on in the week ahead. I know joining a program or embarking on a lifestyle change can potentially feel overwhelming at first.

  • Add in daily movement
  • Track and log macros
  • Shift mindset
  • Get 8 hours of sleep
  • Drink the water
  • Practice gratitude

*Searches for magic wand* Lol BUT seriously this is the goal right? But speaking for my entire team of coaches, we don't expect perfection right out the gate. We want to see real effort, we want to hear you asking questions to get better, and you to focus on that ONE thing. 

1% Better

Have you ever tried to overhaul every aspect of your life at once and failed? Or at least it felt like failure? The 100% better mindset is the "all or nothing", and literally setting you up for failure, as MOST people cannot handle changing every aspect of life at once. 

"But Kristi! Then why do you give us so many goals? From movement to sleep to macros, it's a lot!"

Totally! That's why it's a GOAL! We are here to set the bar high and show you the end goal. It is also why we aren't selling a quick fix here! We know the success with a lifestyle change comes in layers. If you are serious about overhauling your life, make the commitment now that you're in it for the long haul. A fitness, health, or wellness journey isn't a short term commitment- it's lifetime promise to getting 1% better every day.

Choose Your ONE Thing

A great approach when you're feeling your head spin in trying to do all the things on your path of self improvement is to 1. Find your ONE thing and 2. Find your bare minimum for everything else. I like this approach for beginners or for those stressful or significantly busy weeks. 

1. ONE THING examples:

  • Logging and focusing on just hitting protein for the week (as long as calories aren't going over let carbs and fats fall as they may.)
  • Daily workout. Shine the focus to your workouts over a week and be really intentional about WHEN your're going to get it in, not IF. Choosing to focus on this during a busy week will make the rest of the weeks a breeze. Always schedule them in to your planner.
  • Hydration. Make an intentional effort to hit your water goals for the week. If you have a habit of grabbing a soda first thing or for lunch, put a water bottle in it's place. Make the healthy choice the convenient one. 
  • Sleep taking a hit? What is one way you can focus on improving it this week?  I like to set a firm TV off time, no matter what all electronics are off at 9pm- phone, tv, etc. 
  • Mindset. Maybe you want to start improving your mindset to start. Put a journal next to your bed and start each day with your 3 pieces of gratitude and finish your day with ONE thing that went right. It may feel like you really have to reach for that one thing at first, but it will get easier.

The goal with choosing to focus on ONE thing at a time, is to end up layering these things to = the ideal lifestyle you're working towards. Picture one of those delicious 7 layer nacho dips. Each layer is one of the above aspects and you end up with the delicious life of your dreams... mmmmm nachos.

Best part? If you slip up, it's OKAY!! You can pick right back up and keep working to get better. Why? Because we don't do the ALL or NOTHING! Get back up and get 1% better. Not quitting could be your WIN!

2. Bare Minimum examples:

  • Your goal was to get a full workout in but at a bare minimum you will run a mile
  • Your goal was to log and nail all of your macros but at a bare minimum you will log and meet your protein goal
  • Your goal was to read a chapter in your book but at a bare minimum you will listen to a self improvement podcast while you drive to pick the kids up or clean the house
  • Your goal was to exercise for 20 minutes but at a bare minimum you will park in the furthest spot in the parking lot and choose the stairs over the elevator
  • Your goal was to meal prep your own meals this week but life happened so at a bare minimum you will order meal preps from a prep company 

See how there is literally a back up plan that STILL has you moving towards your goals in every circumstance? When you start thinking with a bare minimum mentality, you will start seeing the opportunities in every scenario and you WILL hit your goals. SOMETHING>NOTHING

Whether you are a current member, former member, or just following along for the weekly motivation- thanks for being here. I appreciate you more than you know. Have a happy WINSday! Respond back with a WIN in your life. I would love to celebrate you!

-Coach K

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