WINSDAY: How To Win?

WINSDAY: How To Win?

Hey Team FIT LV!!!

Coach Kristi here and we are back with another WINSday!! I listened to a great podcast this week and have to share my show notes (I will link the original below). It really hit home for me when it said "You don't have to love the basics, you just have to love the results the basics do for you." I don't think I could sum up my mission for FIT LV any better. Keep the foundation, the basics, the process SIMPLE and let it work. My wheels then started turning on what our basic foundation looks like. So "WINSday" this week is going to review the FIT LV Basics, pillars, fundamentals, whatever you want to call them, and ask you to do a bit of homework, then #FGF will go over some tips to success in these categories!  Let's begin!:


Starting at the bottom with the first foundational block: mindset 🧠. If you don't have clear answers for the following questions, I challenge you to pause, reflect, and write them down. 

  • What is your definition of success for you in your life? 
  • What are your goals? Be as specific as possible. When will you achieve them by?
  • Do you know what "winning" in your life could look like? Feel like?
  • Do you feel in control of your attitude, responses, reactions, and emotions?

Next we are moving on to daily movement. Notice I didn't say "daily holy shit hard workout." Daily MOVEMENT. I want moving your body to become a non negotiable part of your day. Now write out or reflect on:

  • What is the type of exercise you most enjoy doing?
  • What is the type of exercise you know you need to be adding in?
  • What is something you can do as a back up plan if your first plan doesn't work out?
  • What is a type of movement you can do with loved ones? (kids, spouse, friends)
  • What is a type of movement you can do with NO barrier of entry? Meaning it's free, it's accessible anywhere, and requires no equipment. 

First step to nutrition is ownership. How do we take ownership of our nutritional habits? We log and understand what exactly we are putting into our bodies. Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to nutrition, it will impact our health. We stop blaming others or our circumstances for what we put in our mouths. We listen, we learn. Pause and reflect, answer these questions:

  • Have I ever logged my food long enough, consistently enough to learn from the process?
  • Do I have a clear understanding about what I need to be eating to feel my best?
  • Do I know what foods make me feel awesome and what foods make me feel like crap?
  • Am I eating out the majority of my meals?
  • Am I basing my nutritional choices off short term gratification versus long term health?
  • Do I blame others or circumstances for my lack of success nutritionally speaking?
  • How would my life improve if my nutrition improved? 
Habits: vices, sleep, hydration

I want to address the other significantly important habits of a lifestyle change that all deserve their own block but they're going to share for now. Vices: alcohol, drugs, electronic distractions(social media, tv, gaming), food, get in the way in a BIG way. The urges and addictions to use these vices as a means to escape reality and cope with life feed the pleasure center of the brain. 

  • Do you have any vices in your life?
  • Are there any ugly habits you would like to cut back or eliminate?
  • How would your life improve if you removed your vices?

We know water makes up 60% of our body and it is necessary for brain and body function. We know it aid in skin rejuvenation, muscle function, prevents headaches, muscle cramps, and on and on... yet so many people barely get their necessary fluids in for the day. Once again, reverting to drinks that "sound good" or "taste good." How much water do you need? Studies have shown 1/2 body weight in ounces is a great place to start. We recommend adding an additional 16oz for workout days. (Which if you are applying the "daily movement" this would be every day, right? ;))

  • How many ounces of water do you drink daily?
  • Do you make an intentional effort to drink water or does it "just happen when it happens."
  • When you go out to eat or sit down for meal time, do you prioritize water or prefer soda or another beverage?
  • Do you have a 20+oz water bottle you carry around?

Ya know those people who brag about being able to "thrive off 4-5 hours of sleep"? Don't be those people. They might not realize it yet, but they're missing out on a HUGE opportunity in life. Study after study after study has shown that 8 hours of sleep is optimal for our bodies and brains to recover and regenerate. Stop running on fumes. We don't allow our phones to be on red, so why do we allow our bodies? Unless your job (thinking of my first responder and nurse friends) or infant literally prevents your ZZZZ's, chances are there changes you can make in your routine to add in more hours of sleep.

  • How many hours of sleep do you currently get?
  • Do you have a set bed and wake time monday through sunday?
  • Are you sleeping through the night or waking multiple times?
  • Do you have a bedtime routine?
  • Do you have a morning routine?
  • If not, what would the perfect bedtime and morning time routine be for you?
  • How do you think more sleep would enhance your life?
  • What sorts of things do you need to say "no" to, to get more sleep?
Community and Communication:

I put these two together because when making improvements to your lifestyle it is important to communicate with your people. As I have discussed in many other emails, people don't like change. As silly as it is to think the people we love the most may resist our changing, even when it is for the better- it's true- it happens!! While you don't owe anyone an explanation for your changing your lifestyle, communicating the importance of these changes can go a long way. Think of it as getting their "buy in" to your team. This strengthens the community around you. 

  • Have you communicated your goals to your friends and loved ones? 
  • Do they know how much it would mean to you to have their support?
  • Do you have a coach or community that is there to support you? 
  • Likewise, are you supportive of the goals of your loved ones?
  • Do you clearly communicate your YES and NO's to things that work towards or against your goals or are you trying to people please your community?
I know I just asked a ton of questions but my goal with today was to help you outline the missing pieces in your lifestyle and set a clear vision for what it could look like. Hopefully this facilitated some solid reflecting. Stay tuned for the action steps and guidance on Friday's part two. In the meantime, if you want to listen to the podcast that got my wheels turning. 
Whether you are a current member, former member, or just following along for the weekly motivation- thanks for being here. I appreciate you more than you know. Have a happy WINSday! 
-Coach K

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