Winsday: TeamFITLV Wins!!!

Winsday: TeamFITLV Wins!!!

Hey Team FITLV!!!

Coach Kristi here and we are back with another WINSday!! It's been a minute since I have shared #teamfitlv members wins so HERE WE GO!⚡️

When it comes to WINS in a fitness program, the first thought that typically comes to mind is weight loss victories. While we definitely celebrate those, but some of the greatest and longest lasting successes, are those that happen off the scale. 

*DISCLAIMER: Sharing others wins is not to make you feel bad about yourself if you aren't feeling like you are tallying up your own right now. I want you to consider how much more joy you could feel in your life, if you felt the same joy for others they feel when they win. Why limit yourself to only feeling joy for your own wins, when you could experience genuine happiness for others when they win. It feels really, REALLY good to feel happiness for others. Now, let's practice :)

While this client of mine has been dropping body fat % notice how she feels confident EATING CARBS!!!! The food freedom she is finding while seeing success in her body composition is the ultimate WIN! 🥞❤️


“I LOVE the workouts! Absolutely amazing. They are exactly what I love and honestly the not having to plan my workouts makes the difference in my daily life because it’s one less thing I have to do as a working mom with two young kids. I just come out and grind it! Hit 235lb for Deadlifts for 5 for the first time in 2 years! The female body is amazing and even better when you trust the process and go slow for your pelvic health and muscles. Thank you for all your help! 💪🏼”
“Was able to wear a pair of shorts that I haven’t been able to wear for 2 years!!!!!!🎉🎉”

"My boss mentioned that I LOOK so much healthier and happier and that even my skin is glowing (for someone that I see every single day to see physical changes in my appearance -- that isn't my husband -- means a lot to me)"

“In July, I bought a 12 & 14 pairs of jeans. 12's were too small, 14 fit. This weekend I wore the 12s twice! Plus a triangle bra I couldn't buckle either. Wore that!🎉 "

"I’m loving the workouts and feel like this is something I can do for life!” 

"It’s crazy awesome to me that at nearly 40 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life. Thank you for helping me achieve this level of health and love for myself. The appearance aspect is great but honestly my headspace, peacefulness, self love and openness is the real winner for me. "


Weight loss is NOT linear. If you are using weight as a way to track progress, understand there will be highs and lows. Focus on the bottom line and don't attach too much emotion to daily outcome. Imagine if this client had've quit at one of the spikes, he would have never seen the present day low. KEEP GOING!

Congrats Alexis✨

Alexis worked with me postpartum from March 1- August 1. We focused on implementing lifestyle changes that would be sustainable for busy motherhood. She not only achieved her goal weight loss but adapted the habits she needed to make fitness a part of her lifestyle!

"Hey Kristi! Just reaching out to say thank you thank you thank you !!!!!! I am officially down 20lbs and couldn't have done it without you! This truly is a lifestyle for me now, I workout everyday regularly except Sunday and I'm always mindful now of what I'm eating and the macros... I've learned soo much working with you I know I don't have to starve to lose weight so thanks again for everything...This was an amazing program that helped me turn fitness into a lifestyle. Hands down the best after having a baby when you want to snap back, but doing it in a slow and safe way. I am glad to have worked with someone that has been in my shoes. My experience was amazing, really just trust the process!"

-Alexis B.

Tally YOUR wins!!

*I know I share this often but repetition is a key to rewiring our thought patterns.

Count your wins.

Big or small. 

Count them all.

Some days can feel overwhelming.

Somedays can feel heavy.

But all days have a little win in them somewhere.

For the rest of the week I want you to find 3 little wins each day. 

Too often we get in the habit of only looking for the big wins. Only counting the big wins. The journey is MUCH more enjoyable when you acknowledge the little wins along the way, each and every day 💫

Here are mine from yesterday:

1- I connected two of my favorite local business in hopes to get them to do business together!  

2- I solidified the dates and giveaways for our upcoming challenge. Really excited to GIVE back as much as possible this fall. 

3- I scored points twice in Jiujitsu yesterday. That hasn't ever happened! 

💥I would love to hear YOUR wins!!! Respond back to this email with your three!💥


🎉We are one week out from the announcement of the FALL 8 WEEK CHALLENGE!! I am beyond excited for this challenge as there is a big component focused around giving back and transforming our minds as well as our bodies. Plus, there will be WEEKLY giveaways and even more prize money for the winner! 🎉

Remember: Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

There is almost 1/3rd of the year left. You have so much opportunity for life-changing progress. Let's see what you're capable of!


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